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   Chapter 337 Want to Kill You

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 6605

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If two people wanted to get a marriage license, they must send their documents and apply for it together. Even if Daniel was powerful, he still had to get Janet's ID card and household register to have the license made.

Suddenly, Janet remembered that Jerry had asked for her ID card a few days back...

"If you have any doubts, look at the stamp on this thing. That can't be counterfeited!" Daniel held the license with his left hand and touched her belly with his right hand.

His touch made Janet shudder.

"It was Jerry, wasn't it?" Janet wanted to cry. Jerry was her brother, but he 'sold' her to Daniel very easily...

"It doesn't matter." Daniel folded the marriage license, locked the door, and drew the curtains.

After doing that, Daniel told Janet, "The most important part here is that you are legally my wife!"

Then, he took off his coat and hung it in the closet. Then, he lay on her bed and hugged her.

Janet was still in daze and didn't notice that Daniel had gotten inside her quilt.

She slammed on his chest, which made Daniel wince, "Daniel, are you in pain?"

Janet couldn't believe that she had gotten married with Daniel. She must have been dreaming.

"If you don't believe it, I will let you feel it." Daniel didn't understand why Janet resisted. Since she was drugged, shouldn't she have kissed him immediately?

Daniel turned around and went on top of Janet.

"Tell me! Have you ever slept with Caspar Qiao?"

Listening to Daniel's question, Janet thought for a while and shook her head. Seeing her reaction, Daniel smiled.

When he was about to kiss her, Janet nodded, which made him freeze.

But after a while, she shook her head again...

She shook her head and nodded, again and again, which confused the heck out of Daniel.

At last, Janet sighed and said, "No, I never did."

But speaking of which, she wanted to sleep with Daniel right now...

Her hand slid in his shirt and held his strong abs, which made

phone on the bed and opened the loud speaker. Then, she took one child to another small bed.

"Fine, let's not do it." Daniel knew what Lola was doing, so he didn't bother anymore.

Lola looked at her phone with a frown and said, "You naughty boy, are you playing with your mother?"

Daniel didn't answer her and hung up the phone, which made Lola feel puzzled.

Daniel asked Spark Shi to bring clothes for Jane. While he was waiting for Spark, he called Sven and asked him for Hobson's location. He planned to see him later.

After dressing Janet up, Daniel then took her out of the hospital.

At the Leroy Manor, Lola looked at the twins and asked her husband, "What did Daniel mean?"

"I don't know, " Harry answered.


'Maybe, he just wanted to see his child.' Lola felt that she might have thought about it too much.

Half an hour later, when Harry and Lola planned to sleep, they heard someone knocking on the door.

Who was it? The couple looked at each other and wondered who knocked on their door.

The servants downstairs? Impossible!

Harry got down from the bed and opened the door. Daniel was standing outside; he pushed Harry away and walked to the bedroom directly.

"Daniel!" Lola shouted.

Daniel kept quiet. He found two lovely identical girls sleeping on the bed.

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