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   Chapter 336 Daniel Had Got Married

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Caspar dared to approach Janet. He then asked Daniel, "Why are you here just now? You're useless! It's too late!"

"What are you saying?" Daniel squinted at Caspar, his eyes gleaming with anger.

With a swollen face, Caspar sneered and said, "When Janet needed you, where were you? She was drugged, and only men could help her, but you weren't here to her rescue, so..."

Before he finished his words, Daniel grabbed his collar and gave him a ferocious stare. "So what?"

Janet was also shocked by Caspar's words. Sven just told her that he and Jerry had arrived in time to rescue her!

"So I saved Janet. Mr. Si, if you mind what had happen to her, you can give me Janet, and she can be with me."

Daniel angrily raised his fist, but Caspar did not let Daniel hit him again. After receiving a blow from Daniel just now, Caspar wouldn't let him have another one without putting up a fight.

Janet painfully rolled on the bed. After Sven gave her an injection, the drug effect had decreased, but she still felt uncomfortable.

Spark came back to the ward, out of breath. When he opened the ward door and saw the two men fighting, he was so shocked that he almost forgot to breathe.

He wondered if that man, who was indignantly shaking his fist, was really Mr. Si.

Janet felt very uncomfortable. She called out Daniel's name. But Daniel was so furious that he continued fighting with Caspar and wanted to beat him to death, ignoring Janet.

"Mr. Si, Mr. Si..." Spark immediately pulled both of them away from each other.

Unfortunately, Spark was accidentally punched by Daniel. He put his palm on his face, wincing in pain.

When he realized that he had hit Spark, Daniel came to his senses and grabbed the stuff from Spark's hand. He then opened it and held it in front of Caspar's face, saying, "Look at this carefully! Do you know what it is?"

When he looked at the marriage license, Caspar began to pull a long face.

He saw both Janet's and Daniel's names on it.

Janet rolled around in bed. Confused, Caspar took a glance at her and wondered why she didn't tell him that she had gotten married.

"From now on, stay away from her! Don't take advantage of her gratitud

She didn't want to see whom he married. It didn't matter now.

Daniel approached her, held her face that was streaked with tears, and said, "Listen to me. Call me 'husband'."

Janet really wanted to slap this thick-skinned man across the face. "Daniel Si..."

Daniel suddenly kissed her lips, not letting her scold him anymore.

At this moment, she was in desperate need of his kiss. It felt as if she had found water in a desert after being thirsty for three days...

However, Janet didn't kiss back...

Because she thought he had a wife...

After biting his tongue, she turned her face to one side, gasped for air, and said, "Don't ever touch me again!"

"Call me 'husband', and I'll do whatever you want to satisfy you!"


Janet was very angry at him and shouted, "Daniel Si, why are you so shameless?"

Daniel pulled a long face and opened the marriage license next to him. He then placed it in front of her and said, "Janet Shao, I want you to call me your husband!"

"I've told you I don't want to look at it. You can marry whomever... Me?" Janet was surprised to see her name on the marriage license. She never remembered getting a marriage license with him.

"I've asked you to call me 'husband'. How many times do I have to tell you?" said Daniel. Janet was stunned and a little frightened.

Regardless of the physical discomfort, Janet opened her trembling mouth and said, "It must be... definitely... fake! Right! It's fake!"

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