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   Chapter 335 What A Sweet Loving Scene

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Horrified, the man quickly finished his words and ran away as fast as he could.

While looking at the man's back, the nurse burst into laughter. What a coward!

Sven went into the operation room. He changed in his asepsis doctor's gown, and composedly instructed his assistants, "Restrain her hands, take some of her blood for a test first..."

He needed to know what kind of drugs she had taken before he could administer any treatment.

"Yes, Mr. Sven, " answered his assistants.

Already suffering a slow and painful torture, Janet didn't even feel any pain when the needle was stuck in her vein.

Outside the operation room, Jerry tried calling Daniel again, but his phone was still off.

Caspar ran up to him, and while he gasped for air, he asked Jerry, "How is Janet doing now?"

"She just entered the operation room!" Jerry was very impatient at the moment, because Daniel hadn't come back yet.

Caspar didn't ask anymore, but instead sat down on the bench beside him, waiting for new information on Janet's condition.

"Where's Hobson?" asked Jerry. While he mentioned Hobson, Jerry's eyes burned with rage.

If Daniel wouldn't root Hobson out, Jerry himself would take actions to sentence him to a life imprisonment in jail!

"He was tied around with rope in the trunk of my car!" answered Caspar. He had arranged for some men to watch over him.

After half an hour

The operation room's door was opened, and Sven came out of it first.

Caspar and Jerry immediately walked over, and one of them asked, "How's she doing?"

"Is Janet feeling better?" asked the other.

Sven told them, "I've given her some treatment to clear the drug out of her, but it wasn't all totally cleared out. Her condition is more stable now, but she may suffer a relapse at any time... In conclusion... Daniel still needs to help her."

Finishing his words, Sven took a quick glance at Caspar, whose face had darkened up all of a sudden.

Moments later, Janet's bed was pushed out from the operation room. Her eyesight had become more focused now, but she was looking at the ceiling blankly, recalling what had happened to her a few hours earlier.

Under her quilt, she tightly gripped her clothes with her hands.

"Jane, are you still..." Jerry wanted to ask her if she was still feeling bad. But he stopped his inquiries. Needless to ask, she must have still been feeling bad, as the drug in her hadn't been totally cleared out of her system.

Together with the nurses, Jerry pushed Janet's bed to a V

oor, this was what he saw. What a sweet and loving scene!

The man was pressing over the woman, and the woman's hands were gripping the man's arms...

Caspar was soon pulled away by a strong force, and then a heavy punch flew straight into his face.

His mouth's corner instantly bulged, and bled.

"Daniel..." Janet whispered. But her humming didn't bring back Daniel's reasonable sense.

With his eyes burning with rage, Daniel dragged Caspar by the collar, and then threw him against the wall, and flew his fist towards him again.

Caspar dodged the second punch with one of his arms, but very soon, Daniel's third and fourth punches came so fast that he failed to dodge them away.

Janet made efforts to sit up from the bed and get out of it, but she couldn't stand and soon knelt on the ground.

"Daniel... Stop it..."

With a darkened face, Daniel loosened his grip on Caspar and lifted the woman from the ground. He then ruthlessly threw her on the bed.

He decided that he must announce his claim on Janet!

He took his phone out of his pocket and called Spark. With his eyes sharply staring at Casper, who was wiping his blood off his mouth, Daniel ordered, "Spark, in ten minutes, bring me the things in the lower part of my safe to Room 802 at the Chengyang Private Hospital!"

"Yes, Mr. Si. I'm already on my way, " answered Spark.

After hanging up the phone, with full speed, Spark rushed from the 22nd floor, up to the CEO's office on the 88th floor.

Inside the ward

Daniel coldly looked at the woman who was still humming on the bed. He had hastily come back from Z Country, only to see that Janet putting on a good performance for him!

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