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   Chapter 334 I Will Force Jane to Break up with Him

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"Jane, look at me, it's Jerry. Don't worry, Daniel is on his way back now." Seeing his sister's suffering, Jerry wanted to hug her to relieve her pain, but he couldn't. The only thing that he could do was to let her know that Daniel would be back soon.

"Jerry... It's you, my brother. I feel terrible, let me die." Janet felt so dizzy that she kept her head low. She was boiling hot, and every second without Daniel was a torture for her. It was too much for her to take, and the days she had spent in the rehab center began to whirl around in her head.

She was dying to get rid of those thoughts.

Gathering all the strength that she had, Janet was about to knock her head on the car window.

But sensing what she was going to do, Jerry immediately put his hand on the window and called out her name to stop her.

Luckily, because Janet was weak, her head slightly bumped against Jerry's hand, without hurting her.

"Hang in there, the hospital is just around the corner." Sven, who was driving fast, suddenly slammed the brake, and Jerry and Janet were both thrown forward.

The light had turned green, but a grey-haired man was slowly crossing the road.

Sven had to stop not to run him over.

"Darn it! Why isn't Daniel here when Jane needs him the most?" Jerry was feeling helpless, and more and more worried.

Even though Jane hadn't had a proper examination yet, Jerry knew what had happened to her.

If Daniel was there, Jane wouldn't have suffered that much, but he was far away from her.

If Caspar hadn't informed them, they wouldn't have arrived there in time.

Caspar hadn't recognized Sabina at first, but then it came to him in a flash that she was the woman that had accompanied Hobson that night at the hotel.

Worse, she was kidnapping someone at the moment. So Caspar became alert.

Without hesitating, he asked his driver to call Jerry. Jerry was searching for the unlicensed van when he received the call from Caspar.

They confirmed that it was Jane who had been kidnapped, and Caspar went to business that day. He didn't take his bodyguards with him, and because it would've been dangerous for him to confront Hobson alone, he had to wait for Jerry and Sven to save Jane together.

Hobson had a group of bodyguards with him inside the build

s our director's son!"

'How can a man be so noisy and rude in public?' wondered the nurse. Sven was the vice director of the hospital, because Chuck hadn't retired from his director position.

It was said that Chuck was going to entrust the hospital to his daughter.

"Son of your director? So he is... Sven Si? The highly skilled doctor in C Country?" The man was no longer swollen with arrogance, and instead, his voice became lower and lower.

Sven Si was not only famous in C Country. His high medical skills were incomparable on a global level.

The nurse added, "Yes. Do you know who the man beside him is?"

That man shook his head silently.

"Have your ever heard of Jerry Shao?"

"That famous lawyer?" He hadn't had the honor to meet Jerry yet, but he had heard of him.


The man was so shocked by what he had heard that he couldn't utter another single word.

"Do you know who the young lady on the gurney is?" The nurse was amused by the now trembling man.

He had already been freaked out before she had the chance to introduce to him the most important figure.

The man again shook his head.

"She is Jerry Shao's sister, our vice director's sworn sister, and Daniel Si's fiancee! If the emergency treatment couldn't be carried out in time, would you have borne the consequences?"

The man stumbled a few paces, and then supported himself on the handrail beside the stairs. "No compensation is needed for the damage. I will not ask for it. What bad luck I have today!" he said.

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