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   Chapter 333 His Grandpa would Handle It for Him

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Sabina had had the same idea as Hobson. She believed that as soon as Janet had sex with other men… Arrogant as Daniel was, he would never tolerate that his woman had sex with other men. Once this happened, everything between them would be over!

Janet's hysterical scream was ignored completely, and a cold liquid was injected into her body.

Gradually, Janet felt weaker by the minute, and hot.

The other gangsters were then waved away by Hobson, only the three of them remaining in the room; Janet, who was lying on the bed, forceless, Hobson, who was eager to have sex with her, and Sabina who was gloating over Janet's plight.

Taking out the video camera that she had prepared beforehand from a bag, Sabina placed it in a right angle and then got ready to record.

"Hobson, you fucking bastard!" swore Janet.

The doctor took the syringe away after Janet had been injected.

She became so hot that she wanted to take her clothes off.

"If you still have the strength to swear, then just do it, " said Hobson. Hobson was not in a hurry. He wouldn't get started on her until her strength was depleted. Then, he could do whatever he wanted to her.

"What have you injected me with?" asked Janet. She tried to stand up, but her arms were so weak that she just fell back into the bed again.

Her hairband had been lost somewhere and her waist-long hair was falling down, covering her back.

Together with her outstanding clothes, she looked like a glamorous mature lady.

"What was in the syringe? Of course, something that can make you happy!" shamelessly said Hobson. Sabina put her arms around her chest and then looked at the woman lying on the bed.

She had to admit that Janet was a true beauty. No wonder that Daniel was so mad about her.

She was even more amazed by her beauty now.

"Hobson! Damn you! Even though I've left the Tianye Men, I still have my powerful background. If you dare to offend me today, you'll certainly die in a couple of days." Janet coldly warned the man who was lusting for her.

Her warning, although harsh, sounded feeble, and Hobson couldn't care less about it.

He was sure that whatever would happen, his grandpa would handle it for him.


He anxiously asked, "How is Jane?"

Sven was focused on feeling Janet's pulse and completely ignored the two men who were fighting on the ground.

Two minutes later, he said to Jerry, "Jane was drugged; we have to immediately send her to the hospital for further investigations."

Kicking off the quilt, Janet murmured, "Daniel… Come and save me!"

Sven immediately covered her with the quilt again, and then held her up in his arms. The drug started to work, and Janet couldn't help but keep on rubbing herself against Sven's arms.

Sven couldn't think more about it and ran out of the room with her in his arms.

Hobson's nose and ears had been punched by Caspar and were bleeding. Jerry pulled Caspar aside, and said, "Let's take Hobson with us first!"

The first priority for them had been Janet. As for Hobson, they could take their time to torture him.

Two people had been asked to bundle Hobson and take him out of the building.

The rest of the petty criminals were taken to the police station by the policemen arrived at the scene later.

Sven drove the car off the road with 150 km/h, while Jerry held Janet on the back seat.

"Jane, we are going to the hospital. Everything will be alright, " said Jerry. Jerry's heart ached when he saw the bit marks on his sister's lip and arm.

"Daniel, is it you… Daniel, " muttered Janet. She was now in a drugged state of dottiness. She looked up at Jerry, but she couldn't see anything clear enough.

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