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   Chapter 332 Whoever Dares to Hurt Her, Dies

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They couldn't carry her out, because there were some other of Janet's bodyguards waiting for her at the coffee shop's entrance.

Although Daniel wasn't in C Country, they still needed to be careful. They had looked into Janet's bodyguards, and had found out that they were all well military trained elites.

What's more, Daniel had also been alarmed, which wasn't a part of the plan. They had to transfer Janet somewhere else as soon as possible.

Soon after Sabina had powered off the phone, private room's door was pushed open from the outside by several gangsters from the Black Moon. One of them placed Janet over his shoulder, and then scooted out of the private room with the other and Sabina.

The shop had already been cleared. Just seconds after Janet had been carried out of the shop, one of her bodyguards had rushed inside, and had found out that Janet was gone.

"Shit! Miss Janet has been kidnapped!" The bodyguard informed his colleagues through a walkie talkie.

Worried, Daniel called Jerry and Sven immediately. "Jane is in danger..."

He then strode out of his suite and knocked on Colin's door.

Colin was just about to go to sleep after the whole morning and noon's work.

"What's up, Daniel?"

"I'm flying back to C Country. Help me take care of the business here." Actually, apart from the Wangfeng Cliff matter, at the moment, there was no pressing business to do in Z Country.

"What? Like right now? What's the hurry?" asked Colin, shocked. They had planned to go to Wangfeng Cliff together to meet with Alex in the evening.

"We'll go to Wangfeng Cliff together after I take care of matters in C Country. Don't go there tonight."

Sensing Daniel's anxiety, Colin was very worried. "Do you need me to accompany you back?"

Daniel shook his head while sliding through the contact list on the mobile phone. He said, "No, I've asked Jerry and Sven to trace the suspects."

"Okay. Be careful!"


Daniel then returned to his suite and started packing, while at the same time instructing his people on the phone.

"Investigate Sabina Fan. Find out who has she r

st about to slap Janet.

When he saw that, Hobson grasped his wrist and shouted at him with a cold look, "Whoever dares to hurt her, dies!" Hobson scared the shit out of the gangster. The gangster fell on his knees, and said, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Hobson shouted at him for one more time, "Get out!" The gangster quickly got up from the floor and quickly fled from the room.

"Get off of me! Go away!" Janet kept struggling.

Sabina then asked two more gangsters to control her. She sneered at Janet, who was falling apart.

She believed that if Janet had sex with other men, Then Daniel would definitely dump her!

Seeing the needle was inserted into Janet's arm, Hobson held Sabina in his arms, and begged, "Will you let me enjoy this woman just once?"

That was exactly what Sabina had wished!

Sabina pretended to be unhappy, and said, "How can you even have such an idea? Are you going to abandon me for her?"

She had been thinking how to take advantage of Hobson to deal with Janet. To her surprise, Hobson had proactively advised her to kidnap Janet, after hearing that Daniel had gone for a business trip in Z Country.

She pretended to be Janet's friend, and had assisted Hobson with the kidnap to win his trust.

"Don't worry, I just want to humiliate Daniel Si. I'm not interested in her at all!" Hobson consoled Sabina, and wondered which one was more enjoyable... Sabina, or Janet?

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