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   Chapter 331 We Will Never Be Friends

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Janet Shao did as Daniel Si had told her. For the first few days she had stayed at home and had taken care of Sally Si and her son, while spending the evenings talking with Daniel over the phone. Everything seemed to be very normal.

On the fourth day after Daniel had left, Janet unexpectedly received a call from Sabina Fan. Sabina asked her out for coffee, because she wanted to apologize to Janet for her misconduct. When this happened, Janet was astonished by her sudden change in character.

"You don't have to do this, Miss Sabina; I don't know you well." She refused her straightaway.

Sabina paused for a moment, and then softly said, "Miss Janet, don't take me wrong. My mother told me that it was you who had asked Daniel to save us, and I owe you my thanks. I just want to be grateful, that's all."

"Miss Sabina, you really don't need to..."

Sabina cut her off, and said, "Please, Janet, I've already promised my mother that I'll give up on Daniel." She continued, "She wanted me to do something to show our gratitude for your help. If I don't do that, then she will drive me away!" Her voice sounded miserable, as though she was about to weep.

Janet gave in to her, and a little impatient, asked, "Where do you want to meet?"

"How about the Old Tree Coffee shop in the city center? I like the coffee there, but... of course, if you have something else in mind." The miserable tone immediately left Sabina's voice when Janet agreed to see her.

She now seemed to sound delighted, but Janet didn't know why... Was there something lurking behind her sudden invitation?

Whatever the cause was, she thought that it might better to be on guard with her.

"That's fine. I'll be there soon." Hanging up the phone, Janet went back to the bedroom. Inside, Sally Si and Felix Shao, were still asleep.

Ella Bo and Lola Li were also putting the twins to sleep, each holding a twin in their arms.

As she walked towards the wardrobe, she said, "I'm going out for a while."

"Why?" asked Ella confused.

Janet thought for a while, and then decided to tell them the truth. "I'm going to see Sabina."

Michelle had already fallen asl

name, "Marcia, Marcia, wake up..."

But Marcia didn't make react to her cries. "Save your energy, she won't wake up in less than a day, " said Sabina, while smirking at her.

Janet furiously stared at her, regretting for trusting her.

She looked around. There were no windows, only an exhaust fan on the wall. She hastily picked up her phone to call for help, but when Sabina saw her, she quickly rushed around the table to grab her phone from her hand.

Janet kicked her away, and Sabina stepped back a few paces. She was hurt, and she grabbed her aching abdomen with one hand, while holding onto the wall with the other.

"You bitch!" cursed Sabina.

To stop Janet, Sabina jumped at her again. She grabbed her wrist and tried to pull her towards the door.

Janet was stunned by her sudden retaliation.

"Hi, Jane, " Janet's phone was put through and Daniel's voice came from it.

But before she could make a sound, Janet was forcefully?slammed to the door by Sabina.

She felt a sudden piercing pain in her back, and then blanked out.

After that, Sabina picked up Janet's phone from the floor, while rubbing on her abdomen with her hand. "Jane here, speak!" She could hear that Daniel was still on the phone. "Are you all right, Jane?"

Sabina felt a jealous anger rising inside her, and she rudely hung up and powered it off.

Then she called Hobson Gong. "All set. Now, how can I get them out of the shop?"

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