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   Chapter 330 She was Sent to Prison for Five Years by Her Ex-boyfriend

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Daniel told Sven what had happened, and he added, "Is half a month really too long for Jane to wait?"

Sven felt helpless at Daniel's low EQ. He asked, "How long has the relationship between you and Janet lasted for? It's already been a few years now, right?"

"Well, yes, " said Daniel.

"So, Jane's been waiting for you for all these past years. Could she change her mind if she waits for two more weeks?" asked Sven.

"It's not impossible!" Daniel thought that Jane had a volatile character, and it was possible that she couldn't wait that long anymore.

Sven rolled his eyes, and said, "Trust me, Daniel, it's impossible! Jane cried because she was happy, understand?"

Daniel was again confused. "Happy? For what?"

"..." For the first time, Sven thought that Daniel was stupid!

He said, "She's happy because you've told her an exact time! Are you an idiot? Daniel, I think that you should make a couple of more girlfriends to improve your EQ."

After a moment of silence, Daniel spoke in a relaxing tone, "Okay, Sven, I'll repeat your last sentence to Jane."

Then he hung up.

Sven looked at his phone with an incredible look in his eyes. 'Daniel, you brat, you fooled me!'

Daniel sighed and shook his head when he found out the true reason for her tears. 'This silly girl, how could she be moved so easily?' thought Daniel.

Around eleven o'clock at night

After Colin Li had arrived in Z Country, the first thing he did was to go to Daniel's hotel.

After he opened the door, Daniel heard Colin say, "I'm already married."

"..." Daniel squinted at him, and asked, "Have you woken up from your dream yet?"

He knew that Colin hadn't had any girlfriend yet; how could he have married all of a sudden? Had he married with a random woman picked from the street?

"She's six years younger than me..." Colin casually threw his coat on the sofa, and seemed to be very annoyed.

Now it was sounding like it was true after all.

Daniel widened his eyes, and asked, "What happened?"

"My mother forced me to marry a woman that came out of nowhere. The woman had just been released from prison, " answered Colin.

... Shocked, Daniel looked at him again, and said, "My God! Was it really your mother?"

Colin smoothened his hair, and confirmed to Daniel, "Yes, my mom! Wendy Yu!"

"You're already thirty, and you still weren't married yet. That's why this happened to you!" said Daniel. He guessed that maybe auntie Wendy was too concerned about the whole thing. But even if she indeed had been too concerned, how could she have foun

warn Daniel, "Yes, you're right. But be careful, one day I might take over all the branches of your SL Group!"

Daniel raised his eyebrows and repeatedly nodded in approval. He said, "That's a good idea. I can hand them over to you right now if you like, so that I can concentrate on getting my wife! What do you think?"

Shocked, Colin instantly shook his head, and said, "No, no, that's alright. Haven't you restored your relationship yet?"

Colin remembered that he had read a post on Weibo, saying that how Daniel had protected Janet at a birthday party.

And what's more, they had already had their child. Colin thought that they should've restored their relationship by now.

"Yes, we have, but I haven't proposed to her yet; that's why we haven't held our wedding ceremony yet, " answered Daniel. Daniel then took out some document copies, and put them in front of Colin. He asked him to sign his name on them.

"I see. You have to hurry up since you already have a child. Try to give your child a complete family before she goes to kindergarten." Colin reminded him of this, because he had heard about auntie Lola's story. Lola had taken care of Nicole on her own when she was in A Country, and there were a lot of rumours going about in Nicole's kindergarten at that time.

"Yes, I will! Before my daughter goes to the kindergarten, I must get married with Jane!" He assured Colin, and also swore to himself!

Janet was bound to be his wife!

Colin faithfully patted his shoulder, and said, "I trust you can!"

Daniel had always been able to get whatever he wanted. Even though this woman was hard to get, Colin still believed that his cousin would eventually manage to succeed in the end!

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