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   Chapter 329 He or She will Become My Enemy

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Hobson promised her, "Yes, Sabina, from now on! I'll take you with me everywhere I go, every day. Be a good girl now..." Afraid that she wouldn't believe him, Hobson then got out of the bed.

He grabbed his trousers from the floor and took his wallet out, and handed her a credit card.

"You have five million dollars on this card. Spend it however you like!" Hobson was beyond generous with women.

Restraining her excitement, she took the credit card, but pretended to be angry, and confronted him again. "What do you mean by this? I'm not earning money with my body!" After she said that, she threw the card on the ground.

If Sabina had easily given herself to him, Hobson would have suspected that something was wrong.

But now, when he saw her reaction, all of his suspicions were gone.

He coaxed her, "No, of course not. Sabina, you'll be my woman after tonight! And if anyone ever dare to hurt you, he or she will become my enemy!" Finishing his words, Hobson then anxiously pressed on her again and didn't give her any chance to say anything.

The night steadily grew deeper.

At Mansion No. 8, Janet read the WeChat message that Daniel had sent earlier. 'This shameless man, he fooled me! He's so wicked!' she thought.

She was hesitant whether she should call him or not, but then her phone suddenly rang.

In Z Country, Daniel had to stop carrying out his plans, because Hobson had left Z Country.

His men had seen Hobson in Z Country the day before, but unexpectedly, he had flown to C Country the morning after.

Daniel had come back to the hotel, and before handling his work, he decided to call Janet.

"Jane, what're you doing now?" he asked.

Janet was actually thinking about Daniel, but she was too shy to say the words 'missing you'!

She said instead, "I'm missing someone!"

"Who?" he asked. He was about to switch on his notebook, but stopped.

"A man!" answered Janet.

"That must be me!" Daniel said this in an affirmative tone. After that, he switched his notebook on, and typed his password.

Janet teased him, "Why are you so narcissistic? What if I am thinking about some other man?"

"If you dare to miss another man, I'll fly back right now and punish you!" warned Daniel.


All of a sudden, Janet's face flushed red. "Daniel, you shameless man!"

"Yes, thank you for your compli

The rings would be ready sooner, but he told her that because he wanted to give her a surprise.

Hearing the man's tender promise, Janet nodded, with her eyes filled with tears to the brim.

She indulged herself in the sweet feelings her beloved man offered her.

In the end, she couldn't help but burst into tears.

"Jane, are you crying? Why are you crying?" asked Daniel. He wondered why she suddenly cried. Was half of a month too long for her?

"Daniel, I'm not crying... waah... waah..." She wanted to lie to him, but...

"If half of a month's time is too long, then we can..." 'Hold our wedding ceremony straightaway, ' he thought.

But before he could speak out his last few words, Janet cut in, and said, "No, no, it's not too long. Daniel, I'll wait for you."

Daniel couldn't understand a woman's complicated thoughts, and he was even confused now, 'If it's not that long of a wait, why are you crying?'

Daniel finally tried his every means to coax her and stop her tears. Hanging up, Janet went to take her bath, while Daniel called Sven.

Sven was about to go into the operation room when he received Daniel's call.

The man on the other end of the line asked all of a sudden, "Why is Jane crying?"

Sven felt speechless. How could he know about it?

"Are you hurting her feelings again?" asked Sven.

Daniel thought about what had happened earlier, and said, "No, I don't think so."

"Tell me what happened." Sven leaned against a cabinet and looked at his wristwatch. He still had five minutes before he began his operation.

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