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   Chapter 328 Otherwise We will Die Together

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Hearing her insulting words, Shirley was infuriated.

'Fine, then go and fight Janet yourself! I can be the final winner of the game!' thought Shirley.

She asked Sabina, "Have you ever heard anything about the Black Moon gang?"

While she got into the driver's seat, Sabina replied to her, "What gang? What's that? I have no idea what you're talking about!"

Shirley went to a corner and spoke in a lower voice, "Hobson Gong, the Black Moon's leader, wants to get Janet, but last time in Z Country, he was put into jail by Daniel, for Janet's sake..."

She had incidentally gotten this information from one of Spark's phone calls with Daniel.

But before Shirley could finish her words, Sabina had already understood what she was implying.

'So, this man Hobson must be hating Daniel and wanting to get Janet even more, ' thought Sabina.

"Okay, I understand, but remember, we're in the same boat now. Don't even think of trying to betray me and inform Janet or Daniel about this, otherwise we will sink together!" said Sabina. Not giving Shirley the chance to say anything more, Sabina hung up.

Shirley looked blankly at her phone.

She realized that Sabina wasn't as stupid as she thought she was.

On the other side, Sabina had already arranged for some men to investigate into the Black Moon. If she had the support of a gang, she would have a better chance to enact her revenge on Jane.

Sabina had found Hobson sitting in a bar, late at night.

The nightlife had just begun, and the bar's air was filled with a lustful aura, complemented by the aroma of alcohol vapors.

Hobson came out of one of the bar's room, followed by some men who were carrying some cases filled with cashes.

One of his men asked, "Boss, are we going back now?"

Hobson had just finished a big transaction, and he was in a good mood. He waved his hands at the man, and said, "No, I'm going to have some drinks on the ground floor. You guys can go back now."

'Drink some liquor, and sleep with a woman. A-ha!' thought Hobson happily.

"Yes, boss, " answered his men.

On the ground floor, Hobson cautiously scanned the crowd in the bar. When he had confirmed to himself that there wasn't anyone suspicious there, while feeling relieved, he went toward the bar's counter, and demanded, "Waiter, one glass of whisky."

"Yes, sir, please wait a moment!" answered the waiter.

Soon enough, a glass of whisky was placed in front of Hobson.

Sipping on his whisky, he turned a

m. "Hey, isn't that Mr. Caspar?"

Caspar wanted to avoid him at first, but when he thought of Janet, he immediately hung up the phone, and asked, "What are you doing in C Country?"

"What? If you can broaden the Tianye Men's business perspectives in C Country, then why can't I?" snapped Hobson. Seeing Caspar, he thought of Janet again.

He had almost had her last time! Damn!

Caspar also took a cold glance at Sabina, but he didn't pay too much attention to her.

"Stay away from Janet, or you can be murdered in many ways here in C Country!" warned Caspar. Finishing his words, he left straightaway.

Being threatened like that, and more than that, in front of a woman, Hobson felt his self-esteem being hurt. Wearing a darkened face, he cursed, "Damn you Caspar! Who do you think you are!"

Caspar didn't say anything and instead went into the elevator.

Sabina understood his embarrassment, and in a tender voice, said, "Who's that man? What an impolite guy! Please, don't get angry..."

Hearing her talking about Caspar's wrongs, Hobson's anger quickly vanished, and said, "You're right. Forget that man, and let's go into our room!"


As soon as they entered the room, Hobson immediately kissed Sabina's red lips, and her coat was quickly thrown on the floor.

She was carried to the bed, and while pushing his chest, Sabina pretended to be scared, and demanded, "Please be tender with me, I'm scared..."

Her reaction made him even more excited than he was before.

"Relax, I'll be very tender!" said Hobson.

Covering Hobson's mouth with her right hand, Sabina said again, "Will I be your girlfriend from now on?"

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