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   Chapter 327 Hatred is the Most Horrible Thing

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Daniel guessed that Janet may have not brought her phone with her, so he put his phone aside after sending her the message. He then closed his eyes to try and go to sleep.

Janet's face was flushed when she went into the room with Sally's phone in her hand. After she took back her phone, Sally saw Janet's rosy cheeks, and playfully teased her, "Jane, what did my brother say to you? Look at the broad smile on your face, you're like a pubescent girl."

Before Janet could use her hand to cover Sally's mouth, Sally had already uttered the word "pubescent".

As expected, both Melody and Ella had turned their eyes on Janet. Little Melissa even innocently asked with her childish tone, "Mommy, what is "pubescent?"

Well... Janet's face turned green in instant. She cast a sharp eye to Sally, who was tittering, and said to Melissa, "It's nothing. Children should be seen but not be heard, got it?"

"Isn't Daniel at home?" asked Ella and she roughly guessed what it was all about.

"No, he's away on business."

"Daniel is always busy, so Jane, please don't bother him if you don't have anything important to say to him, " said Melody.

Before Janet could give a reply to her, Sally couldn't wait to say, "Great-Grandma, you don't know that my brother is too anxious to let Janet bother him!"

"Nothing of the sort! Nonsense!" Janet pulled Sally's sleeve to stop her.

"Great-Grandma, I am not talking nonsense. My brother is indeed very obedient to Jane, and he always follows Jane's instructions! If Jane asks him to go west, then he would never dare to go east..."

"Sally, stop it!" Janet's face had turned as red as an apple, and she hastily covered Sally's mouth with her left hand.

Melody joyfully looked at the two girls laughing and playing with each other, and said to Janet, "Don't be too mean to Daniel! After all, you are a lady!"

"I am not!" countered Janet. She was not mean at all! More than that, she considered that she was like a sheep in front of Daniel...

"Jane, stop being so shy. You don't have to be ashamed to admit it, and anyhow, you and my brother will get married one day! There are no two ways about it"

Sally pulled down Janet's hand and availed herself of the opportunity to talk.

Janet intended to cover Sally's mouth again, but she was stopped by Ella

She took out her phone and dialed a number. She said, "Shirley!"

"What's up? I'm in a meeting!" Shirley picked up the phone and walked towards the window and answered in a low, whispered voice.

She didn't know how Sabina had gotten hold of her phone number; she had called her for several times.

"Tell me about Janet's weakness, or I will also kill you!" Shirley had neither power, nor a strong family in C Country, so it was easy to take her down.

Shirley's temples throbbed, and she couldn't understand how and why this woman always pestered her. Was she insane?

"I've told you already that she has a daughter and she's afraid of dogs. That's all I know! How many times do you want me to repeat it?" Shirley cautiously took a look at the staff behind her, because she was afraid that the others might be listening to what she was saying over the phone.

"Damn it! She and her daughter are protected too well by Daniel. How could I ever have the chance to reach her?" Sabina was so annoyed that she yelled at the people who had taken a few glances at her in the parking lot, making them all run away with fear.

'She's afraid of dogs? What kind of a weakness is that? 'Shirley's a damn fool!' thought Sabina.

Shirley closed her eyes, and said, "Don't call me anymore! And after all, Janet is my friend! That's all!"

"Stop pretending! If she's your friend, why did you still fall for Daniel? Did you indeed take her as your friend, or did you just make use of her?" spoke Sabina, without any kind of mercy in her words.

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