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   Chapter 326 She is Obviously Suspecting Him

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Daniel had not called Janet all day long, so he was sure that she must have already been mad at him. He knew her so well, so he thought of ways on how to woo her when he got back.

Daniel could not help but laugh when he thought of how she would look! Her brows would be furrowed and her lips pouted. She'd look like a stubborn but cute kid.

Daniel was trapped in the cave until noontime of the next day. A helicopter came to take away several big rocks that had blocked the cave and rescued Daniel.

"We are sorry, Mr. Si! We are late!" said the rescuers who were sincerely apologizing upon seeing Daniel.

Daniel didn't care; he was preoccupied with his thoughts.. When he looked at the destroyed cave, he thought about how smart the enemy was.

All the clues that he had obtained were all vanished because of the explosion.

But he knew clearly that Hobson from the Black Moon Gang was the man behind this.

After letting the police of Z Country investigate the cave, Daniel went to the hotel, charged his phone, and took a shower.

After settling in, he turned on his phone and, as expected, saw several missed calls from Janet.

Daniel dried his hair with a towel and was about to call back, but he heard Janet's voice message from WeChat.

His face darkened after hearing it. He immediately dialed Janet's number.

But she wasn't answering...

She must have really meant it!

Daniel logged in WeChat and sent her a message, "Jane! How dare you! Call me back as soon as you see this message!"

But, Janet didn't really mean it.

At this moment, she was busy accompanying the twins and her great-grandmother in Jerry's room. She left her phone downstairs.

Sally didn't want to stay in the hospital, so she continued her recovery in the villa.

"Sally, don't go outside! Don't catch a cold! Don't take a shower! Understood?" Melody kept telling Sally about what she shouldn't do while recovering. Sally was terrified with all the things she couldn't do.

"Great-Grandma, why are there so many don'ts? she whined.

Melody chuckled and said, "These customs have been tried and tested for so many generations. We have to follow them. You'd better n

or real when you come back?"

She was wondering whether he was missing her because she missed him so much...

Daniel's eyes gleamed. He replied happily, "Deal!"

"Hmm? Deal? What's the deal?" Janet came back to reality suddenly. What did she say just now?

Oh, poor girl! She had already forgotten what she had said.

"You don't remember?"

"I don't. What did I say?" Janet rubbed her forehead gently. It seemed that her memory was not as good as before after she gave birth to the babies.

"You said that you would marry me when I get back!" said Daniel affirmatively. Unexpectedly, Janet believed it!

She was a little freaked out. Her right hand waved in the air subconsciously. "I... I was... I was joking! I didn't mean that!"

Oh my god! She really didn't hold back! How could she say that she would marry him?

The man over the phone chuckled in a low voice. She was so cute!

"Don't laugh! I actually meant... I..." The man could not help but laugh out. Janet's mind went blank. She didn't know what she should say.

Daniel didn't say a word and listened to her stutter.

"I just wanted to say... We... Go to sleep!" Janet didn't know how to explain, so she just hung up.

... Daniel speechlessly looked at the phone. He wasn't even done talking to her!

But it didn't matter. After hanging up, Daniel logged in WeChat and sent her a message.

"Jane, you said that you'd rather kiss me in person than on the phone."

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