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   Chapter 325 Find Some Handsome Men to Please me

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Janet carefully looked at Melody who had gray hair and wrinkles all over her face...

Her great-grandmother had aged so much.

"Jane, don't cry. I'll definitely live to the day you get married!" Melody wiped her tears and thought about how lucky Samuel was to have married Ella. She had been a good wife and bore him two lovely children.

And these children had also found decent significant others, since Sally and Daniel were both nice kids...

Like a child, Janet cried and said, "Great-grandmother, I won't let you die!" She buried her head within Melody's arms.

"Silly girl, when you reach my age, you will not be afraid of death anymore." Melody gently touched Janet's long hair and wished for Janet to stay happy forever, so that she wouldn't regret anything when she died.

Janet held Melody tight and promised that she would spend more time with her from now on.

"Great-grandmother, come to The Royal Mansion with me tomorrow and let's live together!"

"No. You are all busy, and I'm too old. I will only bring you trouble!" Indeed, people in their old age did require a lot of attention.

"I'm not that busy because my shop isn't open for business yet."

"Jane, I won't live there to bother you all. Plus, I love having the twins keep me company these days..." Melody thought that she was so lucky to live until now and see five generations of her descendants.

Everyone she knew, who was her age, had already died.

Janet didn't argue with Melody anymore. After all, she had decided to take her great-grandmother to Mansion No. 8. From now on, she would try her best to take good care of her.

Janet kept crying, and Melody was sad to see her like this. She came here to chat with Jane, not to make her cry. She immediately changed the topic, "Jane, do you know? In the beginning, your father was unwilling to marry your mother!"

It was the first time that Janet heard about it. She was very curious about it.

After wiping her tears away, she sobbed and asked, "Why?"

"Your father didn't like your mother. When your mother was pregnant with your brother, your father even stayed outside everyday! At that time,

e given birth to the twins.

"Okay. Good night, great-grandmother!"

"Good night, Jane."

Janet went back to her bedroom and silently cried for a while. She didn't understand why people would get sick, grow old, and die.

She really wished that people could live forever...

She then picked up her phone and called Daniel, but his phone was still off.

She tried hiding her sadness and sent a playful WeChat audio message to Daniel, "Daniel, I'm very sad, but you aren't here to keep me company. I want to go out and have fun! I'm going to find several handsome men to please me!"

After sending the voice message to Daniel, she didn't get any reply.

Janet had completely given up after she had taken a bath and came out the bathroom.

She had no idea that Daniel was trapped in the cave since someone had blown up the entrance of the cave.

The whole Wangfeng Cliff shook, so the cave exit was blocked. Daniel hid in a corner and luckily dodged the falling stones.

Now, he was just waiting for rescuers.

His phone was dead, but even if his phone had battery, he wouldn't be able to contact anyone outside because there was no signal in the cave.

He sat on a rock and looked at the moon in the sky through a crack.

He thought of Janet and wondered what she was doing now.

When he went out this morning, he didn't call her to tell her that he went to Z Country. He just didn't want to make her worry.

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