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   Chapter 324 Where's Father

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Oh no! She had forgotten to ask Daniel his credit card's PIN.

But this kind of card usually didn't have any a PIN, so she decided to try it out first.

After the cashier swiped the card, she asked Janet to sign for it.

Indeed, the card didn't need a PIN!

Before Daniel got on the plane, he received a text message regarding a purchase in a shopping mall. He smiled and powered off his phone.

He was going to eliminate everything that would threaten Janet's personal safety. He had to make sure that she would never be in danger for the rest of her life.

When the female bodyguard saw that Janet had paid for the stuff, she walked up to her and took the shopping bags from her hands.

Since Janet had to hold her two daughters' hands, she didn't refuse her help.

Before she went to the hospital, she called Daniel first. She was worried that Daniel wold find out about the twins.

But his phone had been turned off...

Janet began to worry.

She wondered whether Daniel was still angry at her or not.

In the hospital

Sally and Jerry had already given their son a name. When Janet arrived at the hospital with the twins, they were playing with the baby.

"What's his name?" asked Janet. She smiled as she saw her daughters in awe upon meeting the baby. They were also asking Jerry all sorts of questions.

Sally sweetly smiled and replied, "Felix Shao."

Sally and Jerry came up with this name together.

Later they had came to realize that Melissa and Felix both had "li" in their names, and they liked it.

"That's a good name. How are you feeling now?" When the two girls saw the little baby, they were so happy. One of them sat on Jerry's leg, while the other was in Jerry's arm. They both poked their heads out and couldn't wait to see Felix who was in the cradle.

"I feel better. I just drank a large bowl of soup that mother cooked." When she would go back home, Sally would have to eat a lot of nourishing food and stay at home for at least a month. This scared her a bit.

"Where's mother and father?" When they had breakfast in the morning, Janet's parents said that they would go to the hospital. But they weren't there at the moment.

Jerry explained, "They forgot to buy a winter hat for Sally, so they went t

iel was a man of his words! "I believe Daniel. Jane, I wish you both the best. I just hope that you and Daniel can hold your wedding ceremony as soon as possible. Once you do, I'll be able to die peacefully."

Sally had just given birth to a baby, so Melody had one more great-grandson. If Jane and Daniel could get married, Melody would be able to die without regrets.

When she heard what Melody said, Janet started crying.

She held Melody's hand and said, "Great-grandmother... What are you saying? You can still live for a few more decades... Don't think about it too much."

"Janet, don't cry. A woman's tears are very precious." Melody brushed a tear off Janet's cheek.

Janet nodded and took out a piece of tissue to wipe away her tears.

"Janet, I've lived for more than 100 years, and I'm already content. I know my physical limits. I just hope that you and Daniel can get married soon, so that I can watch you walk down the aisle in a wedding dress..."

"Great-grandmother!" Janet's tears started streaming down again. She gently covered Melody's mouth, not letting her say anything more.

Melody smiled, pulled Janet's hand down, and said, "Jane, it's no big deal. After all, I'm mentally prepared for when it happens."

"Great-grandmother... I promise you that you would see me get married...Great-grandmother, you're so nice... and you will definitely live for a few more decades!" Janet now regretted that she hadn't spent more time with her great-grandmother and grandparents.

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