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   Chapter 323 My Father Does Not Lack Money

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'How can he throw his cards away? He must have gone crazy!' thought Janet.

"Jane, you should understand that all of my money is for my wife and my daughter!" He fondly stared at her. He wanted to give the cards to her three years ago, when they discussed about the wedding.

Even then, he had already made up his mind to put her in-charge of the family finances. He also knew that Janet would refuse, but he had a plan to make her agree.

However, she disappeared before he could do anything...

Janet lowered her head and softly murmured, "But I am not your wife..."

"You will be, sooner or later! You are mine!"


His persistence finally made her compromise. Janet took the cards back and put them in her purse, one by one.

Janet pointed at her purse and said, "Happy? Now, I have to go!"

Daniel was speechless.

Watching her dart into the dark, Daniel slowly shook his head, confused. He wondered what on earth did he do to scare her away.

Never mind. Let her be for now.

Daniel instructed his bodyguard to follow her, while he stayed in the living room and sent her a text message, saying, "Jane, from now on, you don't have to bother your parents for money anymore."

Jane briskly walked all the way to her villa, as if to escape from Daniel's house.

She then heard a sound from her phone, so she took it out and read the text.

... "I will pay them back anyway!" She was not bluffing. She planned to pay her father for all the expenses he had helped her with.

"Do you think your parents would accept your money?"

Janet slowed her pace and strolled by the road, passing street lamps by. She kept thinking about Daniel's message. Her parents had never touched the money she had left them before she ran away to C Country.

"My father does not lack money!" She quickly typed the message and sent it.

Daniel stared at his phone in silence. Jane was right. Samuel was pretty much well-off.

"I know that, but he saved his money for his grandchild's future, not for you!"

Immediately, he got a reply from her. Janet's message read, "My father's money is enough for both me and his grandchild!"

"Why you have to leech off

one. Daniel never replied to her last message.

Was he mad at her... because she insisted on going home?

Should she call him to see how he was? Janet was still thinking about Daniel when she stepped out of the bathroom.

It was already past midnight when she blowdried her hair. She wondered if he had already gone to sleep or not.

He was extremely busy during the day, so he must have slept by now! Janet decided to leave him alone.

Little did she know that she would not see him for a few days.

Next morning, Janet woke up early. She took the twins to the mall.

"My dearest babies, your auntie had just given birth to a boy. Now, you both need to pick a gift for him."

"Wow! Mommy, where is the baby boy? I want to see him!" Melissa happily twirled on her feet.

"Me too, Mommy! I want to see the baby boy as well!" Michelle hugged Janet's leg and pleaded.

Janet lovingly smiled at her twins and said, "Don't worry. Let's first choose something nice for the baby, and then let's go see him."


The twins agreed and started looking at the toys in the store.

Melissa chose a light blue cap for the baby.

Michelle chose a cute pair of shoes.

Janet threw some diapers into the trolley. Then, she brought the twins to the cashier.

Before she paid with her own card, she recalled what Daniel had said to her last night. With a big grin on her face, she put away her card and brought out Daniel's instead.

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