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   Chapter 322 I Do Not Wish to Live With You

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Daniel turned around and asked Sven, "You have been working on your second child for years now. How's that going? Are you... not capable anymore?"

Daniel looked at him and winked, while Sven's face turned red. He wanted to reply with something witty, but he couldn't come up with anything. Without waiting for Sven's response, Daniel left.

Nicole giggled, her hands covering her mouth. Her brother was so mean to pick on Sven like that.

She stopped giggling when she felt Sven's heated look in her direction. She quickly composed her face, cleared her throat, and said in a low voice, "Let's get inside."

His magnetic voice blared. "Nicole..."

Nicole looked up. She had a hunch that something bad was about to happen, "What do you want?"

"I want to try something with you..."

Her heart skipped a beat. Nicole shook her head with a slight grin on her face. This was all Daniel's fault! She knew Sven well, and she definitely knew what he was capable of. She quickly said, "Sven, let's just get inside..."

The next thing she knew, Sven grabbed her wrist and pressed his body against hers on the wall. His seductive voice whispered, "Nicole."

At this moment, his handsome, innocent face turned dangerously attractive. Nicole tried to dodge his stare and said, "Sven, I would attest to Daniel how overwhelming you are in bed!"

She would! She was constantly satisfied by how he performed in bed...

She couldn't ask for more. Sometimes, she even wondered whether he was using enhancers.

"I don't need to prove anything to him. I only need to prove it to you!"

Sven pushed the hospital ward door open and informed everyone, "My dear family and friends, Daniel, Nicole, and I are taking off now!"

"Okay. Daisy, you should go home as well. It's getting late." Lola checked her watch. It was well past 11 o'clock.

Daisy was about to respond, but Sven cut her off, "Mom, I will have the driver send you home."

"But I thought you are leaving, too?" Daisy suspiciously looked at her son.

Sven and Nicole were still living with their parents, and they barely went home to Sven's apartment.

"Mom, stop asking so many questions. I will ask the driver to send you home."

Nicole was still outside of the ward. She was trying to signal to Daisy that she wanted to go home with her, but Sven was blocking Daisy's view, so she couldn't see Nicole.

ng to spend his hard-earned money on her and their child.

His parents were already wealthy, and they didn't need his money at all.

"No. Please take them back. I really didn't mean it!" With these words, Janet gave the cards back to him. She felt obliged to run away from the scene.

She was just messing around with him. She never thought he would actually give his cards to her like that. It was unbelievable.

"Jane." He called her name as she dashed toward the door. He was not pleased with her reaction at all.

Janet opened the door as she said to him, "Daniel, I need to go home now. Let's both call it a night!"

She was only 26 years old and was in no rush to get married. Was she giving him the wrong signals?

What a mess...

"If you dare walk out this door, I will... get angry at you!" He didn't know how else to stop her from walking away. He could only use words to express his feelings. But he didn't even know if she cared about how he felt.

Janet looked back. Her eyes twinkled as she explained to him, "Daniel, please don't get mad at me. I just feel that I am not thinking straight these days. I need to go home and clear my thoughts."

"Would you mind telling me what is on your mind then?"

"No, I... I can't. I need to figure it out myself!" Janet shook her head.

Daniel walked toward the trash bin near the door and briefly said, "Well, since you don't want them, I don't need to keep them anymore!"

"Wait! Daniel, you must be out of your mind!" She dashed toward him and grabbed his hand to stop him from throwing away the cards.

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