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   Chapter 321 I am Not the Type of Woman that You Want to Marry

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"Don't worry, Daniel has already prepared the wedding certificate for them!"

"What... Really... You must be joking!" Lola stammered, because she was really surprised.

Sven was also shocked by the news. His eyes were round, and he yelped, "Oh my god, father*, is the news reliable? How do you even know about this? Is Jane even aware of it?"

"Are you sure?" Harry, despite being Daniel's father, was overwhelmed by the news as well.

Samuel seriously nodded, and told everyone how Melody had visited Daniel the other day.

Melody was convinced by Daniel when he had shown her the two wedding certificates from his safe. Somehow, he had managed to pull some strings and make things work.

The certificates had been already notarized, and clearly showed both Daniel and Janet's names on them.

Jerry was the one who had helped behind all of these by bringing Daniel all the necessary documents and his sister's identification papers. However, he now acted as if he had nothing to do with this!

"I really don't know what's going on between these two kids. One hides the fact that they already have their certificates issued, the other hides the fact that they have twins... Unbelievable!" Ella sighed as she cast a glance towards the corridor. There, Daniel had Janet trapped between the wall and him, and his face looked solemn as he talked to her.

Lola was very pleased by the fact that they already had certificates, and her heart was also filled with immense joy, because Sally had just given birth to a healthy boy, her nephew. Nothing could have brought her down at that very moment, and she smiled at Ella, and comforted her by saying, "It doesn't matter anymore. As long as the two kids have legal certificates, we can discuss about the ceremony some other time! Meanwhile, I'll urge Daniel to give Jane a proper grand wedding!"

"Mother*, don't push him too hard, because Daniel has already planned his proposal and the wedding. We should step out of his way." Jerry knew everything on Daniel's agenda, but in order to remain mysterious, Daniel initially hadn't been willing to share his plans with him.

Having had enough of Jerry's constant nagging, Daniel had finally gave in and told him about his arrangements.

"Wonderful! How wonderful!" Lola grinned. She couldn't wait to participate in the ceremony arrangements herself.

Sven held his wife in his arms, and opened his mouth, and said, "Daniel is really sneaky. I saw him around, but he never men

with ridiculous thoughts? Jane, I seriously think you need a proper..."

He whispered the last word into her ear with a big grin on his face.

Janet was embarrassed by his suggestion. Her cheeks were flushed, and she madly bit him on the shoulder. She said, "You dirty thing! So dirty!"

He... He actually... flirted with her like that!

Her awkward reaction caught his heart, and Daniel found her extremely adorable. He lovingly bent over her and sealed her ruby lips with a long kiss.

Janet felt embarrassed to be seen kissing in public. Their parents were in the ward close by and could come out to the corridor at any time! She tried to push him away, but all of her effort was in vain.

After a while, the door behind them was opened, and someone walked out. Janet was still overwhelmed by the heated kiss, and for a moment, she couldn't see clearly.

Daniel didn't stop his kiss, despite the fact that someone was approaching them.

Sven joked with them, and said, "Well, well, well, it seems we came to the wrong place. Carry on as we are taking the leave now! The floor is all yours!"

Janet felt really embarrassed because of his words. She came to her senses, and pushed Daniel away with all her force. As soon as she broke free of his control, she gave him a blaming look and ran away to the other end of the corridor.

Not happy with the fact that his romance had been interrupted, Daniel rolled his eyes at Sven, and said, "I'm leaving now. Goodbye."

Without wasting any time, he picked up the pace and ran after Janet.

Sven shouted to the top of his lungs, "Daniel, hurry! We can't wait for another baby of yours!"

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