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   Chapter 320 You and Daniel Should Have Another Child

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Holding the crying baby in his hands, Jerry wept with joy.

With the baby in his hands, he walked towards his exhausted wife, and while gently bending down, he put a kiss on her sweaty forehead, and said, "Sally, thank you..." His voice was trembling.

"Let me see my baby!" she said. Sally gave him a weak smile. As soon as her hands touched her new born baby, she felt that all the pain that she had suffered was well worth it.

Sven walked out of the ward first, spreading the good news to everyone. He happily said, "Father*, mother*, great news! Sally gave birth to a health boy, and both are doing fine at the moment."

Ella released a sigh of joy as she enthusiastically clapped her hands. She said, "This is wonderful!"

"Thank goodness! I'm so proud of my daughter!" spoke Lola, while holding onto her husband's arms. She was also overwhelmed with joy.

Janet also relaxed her sweaty fists, and with a big smile on her face, she said, "Sally did a good job!"

Daniel softly stroked her long hair, and said, "Well, my wife also did a good job!"

Little did the rest of them know how much Daniel had regretted that he hadn't been there when Jane was delivering their babies.

Janet nodded slightly, as she agreed with Daniel, "It is, indeed, a very painful ordeal for women to go through childbirth!"

She felt proud of herself, because she had also given birth to a pair of adorable twins.

Sally was pushed out of the ward, and next to her stood Jerry with their son in his hands. The baby had already been cleaned and weighed by the nurses.

Everyone instantly gathered around Sally's wheeled bed and greeted her with the most sincere congratulations. Sally sobbed, because she was moved by everyone's caring words.

"It hurt a lot, but I think that I'm doing great now."

After Sally assured everyone that she was fine, they all went to see the baby.

Later, Sally was sent to rest in the ward, while Lola and Ella went to bathe the baby.

Seeing that everyone was helping Sally out one way or another, Janet suddenly felt a little bit sorry for herself. Because when she was delivering the twins, not that many people were around her to help her like they did Sally. Only Caspar had been there...

At that very moment, she felt the impulse to have another baby, so that she could have everyone's attention...

"What's wrong?" asked Daniel. He s

eved for you."

She was also very concerned with Daniel's relationship with Janet.

Daniel ignored all of their pleas. He looked Janet in the eye, and asked her, "Are you in a hurry?"

In reality, he was the one who was in a hurry to get married, but the engagement ring hadn't been ready yet, and there was little that he could do about it!

Janet blankly stared at him. 'What did he just say?' He really had the nerve to ask her if she was in a hurry or not? What a load of rubbish!

"I'm cool." Daniel was not pleased at all with her answer.

However, she continued provoking him, by saying, "I'm not in a hurry at all, but since my parents are worried about my marriage, I should just find a random guy and register with him at the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow."

Sven had just got back with his wife. Still in a good mood, he jokingly added, "Wow, Jane, are you referring to Caspar?"

Daniel was very annoyed by his words, and his face went gloomy immediately.

Without saying anything, he took Janet by the arm and dragged her out of the ward.

"Hey, Daniel, what are you doing?" Lola was shocked by his behaviour, but when she was about to chase after them, Ella stopped her.

"Ella, how come you are not worried at all about them! Both Nicole and Sally got married, but Janet is still..."

"Come on. You don't know what your son did?" Samuel confusedly cast a glance at Lola, and then he turned his head to the silent Harry. It seemed that both of them had no clue at all.

Seeing this, Samuel cleared his throat, and then told everyone the shocking news.

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