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   Chapter 319 Sally is About to Give Birth

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Excited, Jerry threw away the microphone and pulled Sven. He said, "Stop! Stop right now! My wife is about to give birth!"


Except for Sven, who had kept his calm, everyone in the private room immediately panicked, and immediately turned off the music.

Jerry was very anxious. Sven pulled him aside, and then said to Sally, "Don't be nervous. Relax."

She was in the intense pain of childbirth, and Sven asked Jerry to carry her to the car, and take her to the hospital.

"What to do? What to do? Sally is about to give birth!" Janet seemed to be more even more nervous than Sally was. She plucked hard Daniel's sleeve.

She remembered her own experience when she had given birth to the twins. She had suffered the pain for a long time. 'Will Sally also suffer for that long? I hope not. God bless her...'

Daniel patted her on the hand and tried to comfort her. He then calmly said to Jerry, who was restless, "You can get in my car. Spark is waiting outside." Since they were also a little tipsy, they couldn't drive anymore.

Panicked, Jerry carried his wife in his arms and rushed out of the room, immediately followed by the others.

Angela was so drunk that she was almost left alone.

Sven returned to the room and carried his sleeping sister out.

When he reached the bar's doorway, Sven met Arvin, who had also just come out of the bar.

They just nodded at each other, without saying any words.

Arvin didn't look not even once at the woman in Sven's arms.

Jerry got into Daniel's Lamborghini with Sally in his arms. Meanwhile, Daniel found a driver for them, and got into Jerry's car with Janet.

Sven placed his sister in his car, and then asked Nicole to take Angela home first.

Nicole suddenly held his hand, and said, "After I take Angela home, I also want to go to the hospital."

Sally was her sister, and of course she was worried about her.

Sven thought it over for a little while, and then replied, "Okay. I'll ask the driver to send you to the hospital."


After he kissed his wife on the forehead, Sven got inside Daniel's Lamborghini, and sat in the front passenger seat.

All of them had started to get busy. Some of them informed their family members, while others arranged other things...


ding Daniel's large palm and Daniel was holding her in his arms.

He kept on kissing her head, wondering if she had also suffered that much pain during her own delivery...

Selina had been taken back home earlier, because they didn't want her so see that kind of things at her young age.

And after Nicole brought Angela home, she returned with Daisy to the hospital.

Lola looked at Daisy, and gently asked her, "Daisy, it's so late now. Why did you still come here?"

When Daisy heard that Sally was about to give birth, she followed Nicole to the hospital. She said, "Sally is going to give birth to her first child. I also wanted to come here and see what's happening. What's going on now?"

Chuck also had wanted to come there, but he had to stay home to look after his drunk daughter.

When they heard Sally's continual screeching coming out of the delivery room, all of them were very worried.

"I don't know yet." They were worried because they didn't know what was happening inside.

Another half an hour later, when they heard the baby crying, everyone outside the room began to be excited.

After Sven took the baby from the nurse and wrapped it, he was about to give the baby to Jerry, but Jerry was still stunned, and had remained motionless. Sven said to him, "Jerry, this is your son."

When he heard Sven, Jerry slowly started to come back to his sense, but looking unusually pale...

He had never expected that it would be so terrible for a woman... to give birth to a baby.

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