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   Chapter 318 How About Listening to Daniel Singing

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"Be quiet!" Sven scolded Angela, who was too drunk to realize what crazy things she had just done.

Then he raised Angela by the waist and walked with her towards the door. Arvin frowned; if he were to encounter this woman again, he would definitely run away.

Nicole paid a close watch on the doorway, and when she heard Sven's voice coming from the men's room, she guessed that Angela must be in there too.

When she was about to ask a man to help her check out, she saw Sven walking out of the men's room with Angela in his arms.

Seeing that, Nicole couldn't help but open her mouth wide in astonishment.

As she kept staring at Angela, who kept giggling, she worriedly asked, "Sven, what exactly happened?"

Sven, who was keeping a poker face, told Nicole what had happened in the men's room. When she heard it, Nicole opened her eyes wide in disbelief.

"Take Angela home. She's not allowed to drink anymore!" Sven nodded in agreement. That was exactly what was on his mind.

"Help me explain to them. I'm taking her to the car first."


Nicole went back to the private room, and said, "Angela is drunk, and Sven and I are planning to take her home now."

Janet worriedly asked, "What? Angela's drunk? Is she alright?"

"She's okay! She just needs some rest."

"Now that they are leaving, what about..." Before Jerry finished talking, the door of the private room was suddenly pushed open from the outside.

It was Angela, followed by Sven...

"Hi, boys and girls, I'm back!" Sven leaned against the doorway and sighed. On their way to the car, Angela kept wriggling to get rid of him and raved that she wanted to go back to the private room for karaoke.

Nicole asked Sven, "Why did you come back?"

"She wants to sing!"


Then Angela started singing loudly, but completely out of tune.

Janet dug her ears with her fingers, and said, "Sven, take Angela out of here, please!"

Sven covered his ears with his hands, and said, "No. I can't suffer th

entually drove Angela to be sleepy again. She leaned on the sofa, and yawned, as she mumbled, "I remember your tears that night... La la la..."

Jerry then pulled Sally over to him. She was excited, and she didn't expect that Jerry was that good at singing.

These three men had never sung before when they had gone out to have fun together.

They had totally surprised their women this evening!

With a bright smile, Sally said, "You three should switch your careers to the entertainment industry. Start a band! I'm sure you can be popular in no time!"

Janet echoed, "Hahaha... I was thinking the same thing! Jerry, start a band with them!"

"Jerry, if you switch to the entertainment industry, I recommend myself to be your agent!"

Sally covered her mouth with her hand to hide her big smile, and her eyes were curved into the shape of a crescent moon.

Jerry ignored her teasing, and continued, "This is not a coincidence, nor a wish..."

Staring at Jerry's handsome face, and listening to his charming voice, Sally's heart raced uncontrollably. Jerry put the microphone aside, knelt down in front of Sally, and was about to kiss her, when he saw Sally slightly frown.

He paused and stared at Sally, confused.

Then Sally grasped his arms all of a sudden, and said, "Jerry, my... my belly is aching."


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