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   Chapter 317 Haven't We Met Each Other Somewhere

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Everyone there thought that Angela would go to their private room's toilet, so they didn't pay too much attention to her.

Staggering, Angela walked out of the noisy room. Still, no one noticed or heard her as she opened the door.

The three guards stood with their backs against the room's doorway, and so they also didn't see her walk out.

Angela couldn't walk steadily, so she had to walk towards the lady's room alongside the corridor's wall.

When she was near, she shook her head to regain some of consciousness.

'Well?' She vaguely noticed a familiar face.

Three men were walking towards her. The man in the front was dressed in a camel colored coat, a casual black shirt and trousers.

He incidentally caught a glimpse of Angela, but soon coldly moved his eyes away.

"Stop there!" Suddenly, Angela yelled and stopped the man that was passing by her.

The two assistants behind the man stared at the woman warily. Judged from her flushed red face, this woman was apparently drunk.

But the man ignored her yelling. He walked right past her and went into the man's room.

Disregarded like that for the first time in her life, Angela was angry. She furiously followed the man, and she wasn't even aware that she had entered the wrong toilet.

There were two other men in the toilet, and when they saw Angela coming in, they were so shocked by her presence that they instantly pulled their trousers up and ran away.

Unaware of what was happening, Angela had even been knocked by one of the men as he ran hurriedly.

Staggering, Angela couldn't stand firm on her feet anymore, and dropped forward.

They seemed to be repeating their first encounter all over again.

But this time, the man named Arvin Gu dodged away, and Angela dropped onto the ground.

Angela gasped. The sudden pain immediately sobered her up.

Following the pair of shoes in front of her, she raised her head and looked up. 'Wow! Those legs! So long and straight!' marvelled Angela in her mind.

She slowly stood up from the ground. She pinched Arvin's strong chest, and said, "It feels so nice!"

Arvin gripped her wrist with contempt and shook her hands off.

Most doctors were pretentious about cleanliness.

Being a doctor, Arvin surely was. Even if he could forgive Angela for embracing him last time they met, how dare she to touc

relationship between you and Angela?"

Looking at Angela, Arvin sneered, and said, "I'm Arvin Gu. I haven't expected that your younger sister has the habit of following a man into a toilet!"

If it weren't for this episode, Sven and Arvin would have had a formal meeting in a medical academy three days later. They had unexpectedly met each other in advance, under such a queer circumstance.

Being aware of the situation, Sven stared at this rising star among the medical community in dissatisfaction. He said, "Mr. Gu, if you're a gentleman, please apologize to my sister!"

Before meeting with Arvin, Sven had heard that he was a very well-behaved man. He wondered if it was true that his sister had followed him inside.

But even if it was true, he still couldn't believe that Angela would have actively kissed him!

Arvin honestly admitted, "I was the one who kissed Miss Angela first. My apologies! But I hope that next time, when Miss Angela is drunk again, she won't run about anywhere or approach any man. Mr. Sven, you must already know by now that how dangerous a man can be!"

Judging by his words, he clearly meant that Angela had come to lure him, and he, as a man, couldn't refuse her...

Sven felt his head ached. He carried his sister up and said, "Mr. Gu, you'd better behave yourself next time."

"Brother, why are you carrying me? Put me down, I've just met an acquaintance!" protested Angela. She remembered that she had eaten something soft just earlier. That thing tasted like a jelly, and she wanted to have some more of it...

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