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   Chapter 316 Three Children of the Si Clan

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Nicole Si casually told Sven Si, "Sven, do you remember two years ago, when that naked woman hugged you? Did I blame you for that? I trusted you, but have you ever trusted anything that I've said? Even for once?"

Sven was surprised. Nicole remembered what had happened two years ago!

Her words implied that Sven was the guilty one.

"That man kissed you, but I didn't kiss that woman!" said Sven. The couple began to talk about their past story in front of an audience.

Nicole's face became pale, "I've told you for so many times already that I was forced!"

When Nicole had been kissed, she had been so scared that it had suddenly gotten messy. She didn't consider the man to be so courageous. He was aware that Nicole was a married woman, but even then he still kissed her insistently. Nicole had forgotten to push him away.

"So what? Couldn't you have pushed him away?" This was what concerned Sven the most.

He just wanted Nicole to apologize to him, or say something pleasing to him.

But Nicole hadn't say anything soothing to him yet! On the previous night, she had even left with their child!

Nicole was so arrogant that she didn't like to please others, not even for a bit. In her marital life, she hadn't said anything pleasing to her husband ever.

Lola Li had realized Nicole's unusual behavior the other night. After hearing Nicole this morning, she understood her problem immediately.

Remembering Lola's suggestion, Nicole blushed. She didn't say anything and just left the room quickly.

Seeing Nicole's quiet reaction, Sven hastily stood up and ran after her.

Selina Bo lightly asked, "Should we… follow them?"

Angela Si and Janet Shao looked at each other, and then they unconsciously looked at Daniel Si for an answer.

Daniel looked at Janet, and casually said, "Never mind."

"Are you sure, brother?" Sally Si was a bit worried. Her sister Nicole could be so arrogant at times, without apologizing to anyone.

She had been really spoiled by Harry Si!

'To be honest, I am the most ordinary and best child in the Si clan.

But both my brother and sister, ugh, they are

very busy those days. When he had come back yesterday morning, they had quarreled and Nicole had gone to her mother's house that night.

Nicole pulled up her clothes, and lightly said, "Let's wait until we get home!"

Sven tried to calm down. They didn't bring up the disturbing topic anymore and went back to the club together.

The people in the room were surprised to see them coming back, and more than that, now holding hands.

Jarry Shao asked, "How come so fast?"

In fact, women meant that the two of them reconciled with each other faster than they thought.

While for the men, this held a whole different meaning.

Of course, Sven knew what Jerry meant. He glared at Jerry and said, "My wife is so shy that I just..."


Except for Angela and Selina, all the people there immediately followed up.

Nicole blushed again and pinched Sven's face. She let go of his hand and sat back on her seat.

Suddenly, Angela spoke loudly to her, "Nicole, what's wrong with your mouth?"

Well... Nicole quickly flung her hands over her mouth. Because Sven kissed her too hard, her mouth had become red and lightly swollen. She scowled at Sven, and he simply curled his lips into a wicked smile.

Others started laughing loudly.

Only Angela and Selina couldn't understand what had happened.

Then, while Janet and Sally were singing, Angela stood up, and said, "I'm going to the bathroom."

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