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   Chapter 315 Prevent Her Tears from Pouring down Her Cheeks.

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All of them wondered what on Earth had happened to them. It had been of those rare cases in which Nicole, the graceful upper-class lady, had showcased her fury to the eyes of other people around her.

Daniel then put down the wine list, and the waitress dared not urge him to make the order.

"I take that you're here to see how I flirt with other women, aren't you?" said Sven. He changed his usual naughty look, and then seriously held the pretty waitress who was next to him into his arms.

The pretty waitress hadn't expected this, and all of a sudden she dropped and sat on Sven's legs.

Nicole silently looked at what happened in front of her, with her fists clenched tight.

"Sven, what're you doing?" scolded Daniel. He cast a cold glance onto the woman in Sven's arms, and the woman immediately stood up from his legs, and lowered her head and stepped back.

If there hadn't been so many other people around that would be offended, the waitress wouldn't have let go of Sven, the wealthy man, so easily.

When Sally saw Nicole clenching her fists, she held her, and said, "Sister, don't be angry..."

Nicole then tried to restrain her distressed feeling and then turned around to smile at Sally, and said, "I'm not angry, he can do whatever he wants. I have nothing to do with it."

'Since he doesn't trust me, I don't need to explain anything more to him, ' thought Nicole.

"What? You're so anxious to break up with me, and restore your relationship with your first boyfriend?" confronted Sven. Hearing his words, everybody finally knew the true reason of their quarrels.

Nicole didn't say anything. She opened the wine list she had in front of her, and while pointing at the XO class, the limited version of the finest French brandy, she said to the waitress, "Five glasses of this, now!"


The price for just one glass was 8888 dollars, which made the other women in the room feel their heart slightly ache at the price.

But the men didn't care about the price.

They were more generous in spending money than they were.

Daniel then stopped the waitress, who was about to take the order, and said to Nicole, "Sister, I think this brandy is too strong for you to be drinking."

Nicole grinned a slight smile at him, and said, "It's okay, Daniel. You're all here, I'm not afraid."

Then she waved to the waitress, and said, "Please go, and Mr. Sven will make the payment for it later."

She was ev

him, then say it out loud, now!" Sven felt annoyed, and while he turned off the music, he started shouting at Nicole, distressed.

The whole room was now locked in a dead silence.

Nicole raised her head to look at the ceiling, to prevent her tears from pouring down her cheeks.

She then stood up from the sofa and was just about to leave.

Angela and Janet hastily stopped Nicole, and Angela stared at her brother, and yelled, "Brother! What's wrong with you? Can't you mind your words for a second?"

"Mind my words?" scornfully said Sven.

He had minded his words the other night, but Nicole hadn't given him one more explanation to what had really happened!

Nicole couldn't tolerate his unreasonable anger, and she got rid of their hands. Taking her handbag, she went towards the door.

"Nicole, if you dare to step out this door today, I will never forgive you!" Sven was now feeling very uneasy.

Daniel kicked his leg again, and warned him to watch his manners.

Nicole adjusted her emotions, stood well on her feet, and turned around to smile at Sven. In a low voice, she said, "Okay, Sven. If you won't forgive me, then we will... divorce!"


They were all dumbfounded from what they had heard. What had happened between them? How could she easily spit out the word 'divorce'?

Hearing her talking like that, Daniel frowned, and called out to her, "Sister."

Nicole understood what Daniel wanted to say, but she didn't look at him. Instead, she kept her eyes on Sven, who was still restraining his emotions.

For the first time, the problem of divorcing had risen between them.

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