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   Chapter 314 Who's the Lady Boss

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"Okay!" Janet felt very disappointed. Before she had decided whether she should please Daniel or not, she should have called Bill yesterday to check if he had time first.

"But Jane, I'm available tomorrow. Would you like to go out with me then?" Bill immediately made an invitation to her, because he was worried that Janet would be sad.

Janet knew what he was thinking, so she slightly smiled, and said, "It doesn't really matter, just go. Do you think that I'm mean and selfish?"

She had slept with Daniel to satisfy his sexual needs.

When she thought of this, she felt a little... depressed!

'Maybe I could sleep with him again to satisfy mine...

Sleep with him again? It still seems that I'm the one who has the disadvantage...' thought Janet.

"No, never! You're the best, Jane!" Bill's voice made Janet think that he was very happy.

Janet couldn't help but laugh, and said, "Okay, okay, you don't have to amuse me. I hope you have a good time tonight. We can go out on another day!"

"Um, okay then. Bye, Jane!"


After she hung up, Janet endured body's discomforts and aches, got out of bed, and walked to the bathroom.

She wanted to sleep during the day, but she had to give up on that idea since she had to not only look after her two daughters, but also manage her new shop.

She got out of bed, and after she washed up, she rushed to her shop.

When she arrived at the ground floor, a man, who was standing inside the dining room, startled her.

When the chef saw Janet, he respectfully spoke, "Miss Shao, I'm so sorry for frightening you. I didn't mean it!"

"It doesn't matter!" said Janet.

"Thank you for forgiving me. Miss Shao, I've already prepared your lunch; I'm going to heat the food for you."

The chef had prepared the lunch at noon, but Janet hadn't gone downstairs until then. Since he hadn't dared to ask her whether she'll be having lunch or not, he had to wait for her downstairs.

'Ah? Lunch?'

When she heard the chef mention about lunch, Janet remembered that she was feeling really hungry.

"Okay, thanks." She then put her handbag aside and walked towards the dining room.

After she finished her lunch, she went out of the villa.

Her shop had been almost decorated, and after she had enough hired employees, in a few days she could contact her partners and clients to make some big business deals.

It was getting late. Janet counted on her fingers, and thought that Daniel's company was the first partner.

Her brother's

suddenly stopped her ranting.

Well... She realized that it seemed to be her sworn mother's name.

When they heard Janet shouting, all the others curiously looked at her. With an embarrassed smile on her face, she waved her hand, and said, "I'm fine."

Daniel smiled even more happily then.

When Daniel was in his teens, his mother had once been so furious because of a conflict between her and his father that she had spent a lot of money in a frenzy to open this nightclub.

During those days, Harry's affair with a female star had been spread everywhere and was gossiped by a lot of people. His mother had once said that she would hire and have fun with all the handsome young men of the nightclub to have her revenge on him.

When Lola was singing together with the first handsome, young man, Harry drove away all the men out of the nightclub. He then only hired women to work there, with ages ranging from 18 to 25.

'Why did he only hire women?' thought Lola. She was very angry, and regardless of the pressure that came from Harry, she still recruited handsome young men from all over the country.

However, Harry had already scared them away before Lola had the chance to see any of them.

After that, it took Harry some long time to coax Lola, but when Lola had finally worked off her anger, she had handed the nightclub over to Daniel.

At that moment, Sven and Nicole suddenly began to quarrel with each other, and all the others were stunned by them.

"Sven Si, why are you pulling such a long face? If you didn't want to see me, you shouldn't have asked me to come here in the first place!"

All of them had never seen her so angry before.

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