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   Chapter 313 I'll Take Bill to KTV

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He heard her say, "And I won't go either. Just go by yourself, and I'll take Bill to KTV." Since he had lost one of his arms, Bill hadn't had even one friend. What a poor guy he was!

Daniel was almost driven crazy by her judgment.

After another two minutes, Daniel said, "If you want him to see how much we love each other, then just let him go too."

Janet rolled her eyes, and repeated her words again. "And I won't go either. Just go by yourself, and I'll take Bill to KTV.

… Bill! Bill! By now, Daniel wanted to throw Bill into the sea as shark food.

He gloomily warned Janet, "Janet, don't ever try to challenge me."

Janet felt wronged, and said, "I told you that in advance, didn't I? Besides, Bill and I are only good friends. Why won't you let him come together with us?"

"Then please answer my former question, if you'll be happy if I bring a female friend along with us, " asked Daniel.

"No, I'll be angry." answered Janet without hesitating.

Daniel was satisfied with her answer.

"But still, I'll let her go together with us, if she only had one arm and no other friends…"

… Daniel was speechless.

At that moment he had really wanted to take another woman along with them, to let Janet feel what he was feeling.

After they entered the villa, Daniel went upstairs first and Janet immediately followed him after changing her shoes.

"Darling…" seductively said Janet.

Daniel ignored her and walked upstairs in silence. Jane didn't give up, and continued, "Darling, my darling Daniel… Sweetheart… Honey…"

Finally, Daniel stopped at bedroom door, and musingly looked at the woman in front of him who was wearing an ingratiating smile all over her face.

He playfully said, "Maybe I'll change my mind if you have sex with me and make me happy again."

Janet wanted to… curse him.

But, it was acceptable, since Daniel was, after all, the father of her twins. She smiled tenderly at him, and then went on to put her arms around his neck.

"It's a deal!" said Janet.

Daniel held her wasp waist, and in a deep voice, said, "Okay."

Of course, he wouldn't let go of the lovely woman who had offered to have sex with him, even if it was because of that damn Bill.

Janet seductively called him, "Oh, my darling!"

Daniel raised his eyebrows at her; Jan


A touch of jealousy again flew over his heart. Yes, he was jealous that Janet would be so obedient to him for Bill.

He intentionally tortured her, which made her protest and moan a lot.

Daniel sinisterly smiled, because that was what he had wanted.


In the following afternoon, when Janet woke up, the first thing that she did was to call Bill.

"Bill, we're going to have fun tonight, and I'll take you with us, " said Janet excitedly.

"Tonight?" said Bill.

"Yes! Chuck will also be there, and you know most of them, " said Janet. She yawned and then lazily turned over in bed.

She had been tortured the whole night for Bill to accompany her and Daniel.

"I'm sorry, Jane, but I'm going to another party tonight, " regrettably said Bill. Bill was a little embarrassed. If this had happened in the past, he would have definitely cancelled his plans and gone together with Janet.

But the banquet had been arranged by his grandpa, and he was asked to show up sharp on time.

… Janet couldn't believe what she was hearing. All she had done was for nothing!

At that moment, she felt an inarticulate misery building up inside of her… She wanted to cry…

Janet didn't believe it, and asked him again, "Bill, don't you really want to go together with us?"

"Jane, I do want to go. You know that I do, but my grandpa threatened that if I'm not there, he would break off all relations with me."

Bill's grandpa had known him well. He had to threaten Bill to make sure that he would be there on time.

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