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   Chapter 312 Can I Bring Bill with Me

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Janet took Samuel's words very seriously, and started to put all of her soul and heart into her relationship with Daniel.

She wanted to marry Daniel, so that she could give their twins a sweet and caring home.

But, Daniel seemed to be more than satisfied with where they were, and didn't mention anything about his proposal or the wedding.

Janet felt sad about this.

Lola understood what was in Janet's mind, and found a chance to bring up an idea to her. "I tried to propose to Harry with a plastic ring back then, because I wanted to know whether he wanted to marry me or not."

Lola remembered that Harry had reacted very angry, but now when she brought it up again, he admitted that he had in fact felt excited about the whole thing.

Janet looked at Lola surprised, and asked, "Do you mean that I should also propose to Daniel?"

What would Daniel think about this if she really decided to propose to him? He might think that she was urging him to marry her...

Lola shook her head, and said, "Of course not!"

Janet was confused, but Lola continued, "You two have already settled down and have gotten used to each other, and Daniel might think that because you're already his, and not going anywhere, he doesn't need to rush you into marriage quite yet. What you should do is to get him to feel anxious about marrying you."

Lola was actually a little worried when she told Janet about her idea. If Janet could not handle it well, the two of them might end up getting into a fight again, so Lola changed her mind about the whole thing instead.

"Never mind about it, Jane! I'll get to know his thoughts about it when he comes back home, " said Lola. When Lola thought about it twice, she started to realize that her idea wasn't a very good idea at all. It was risky, because there was a chance that it might not work on Daniel.

However, Janet had already saved her advice in her mind.

With Samuel's help, Janet found the right place for her cake shop, and it was very close to Daniel's office.

After she paid for the deposit, she had started the decorating it.

Janet wanted to name it "Jane's Cake Shop, " just like before.

But she had to change her business plans this time. She would not sell any other kind of pastries except desserts. Besides the retail, her business would also include partnerships with companies, for bigger orders.

This time she had also hired a milk tea master and coffee master, to also provide high quality drinks to the desserts.

While she was working on the shop's interior design, Bill had come to the shop for several times already to help Janet buy materials and run other errands.

Time passed quickly, and when it came early Au

f the twins would stay at the manor while the other one would stay at No. 8 mansion or at the old house.

"There's nothing that I could do. You're very loud at night, and I'm afraid that the noise you make would wake Melissa from her sleep, " said Daniel. He then fastened his own seat belt and started the car.

Of course, Janet knew from the start that Daniel was talking about sex. She blushed, stared at Daniel, and asked, "Do you need to have sex every night? Aren't you worried about prostrate?"

"Don't worry. I have the best prostrate, " replied Daniel.


"Have you really no shame at all?" said Janet ironically.

"It's okay if I get to spend the whole day with you, " replied Daniel. No shame no gain, right? If he could spend the whole day with Janet in the bed...

Indeed, he truly had no shame at all!

Daniel suddenly remembered about Sven's call, and said to Janet, "There's a gathering tomorrow night. Let's go there together."

"Gathering?" asked Janet.

"Em, Sven has invited us, " replied Daniel.

Janet nodded her head, thought for a while, and then asked, "Can I bring Bill with me?"

Daniel glanced at her, and with jealousy in his voice, said, "If you got started, why don't you also bring Caspar along with you?"

He had to get rid of all the women around him, but what about her? She still had Caspar and Bill hovering around her. Shouldn't he have a say in this?

... Janet was speechless at Daniel's reply. "Bill is about to go to the university in Singapore, so stop being so jealous out of nothing."

"Jane, if I bring some other woman with me, would you mind?" said Daniel.

Janet sat in silence for a while, nodded her head, and said, "Okay, then. I won't bring Bill to the gathering."

Daniel had been satisfied with her answer, until...

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