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   Chapter 311 Go and Report to The Human Resources Department Tomorrow

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Emma Gu then seemed to have thought of something, and she began to search inside her handbag. She then took out something from it, and while handing it to Janet, she said, "This is the first time I meet with you, and I haven't had the chance to prepare any good present for you. This bracelet..."

But before she finished her words, she suddenly drew her hand back.

'Forget about it! Janet Shao is living in a wealthy family, and she won't like this unworthy and cheap bracelet, ' thought Emma.

After she had put the bracelet back inside her handbag, Emma smiled, and said, "Let's go back!"


Speechless, Janet looked at her back, and followed her.

Wearing a thoughtful expression on her face, Janet returned to the room. Daniel noticed the look on her face, and thought, 'She looks different from what she did before leaving to the toilet.'

When she was seated back to his side, Daniel gripped her hand, and asked, "What's wrong? Tell me!"

But it wasn't convenient to discuss the event here, and Janet whispered to his ear, "I'll tell you later when we go back home!"

Daniel grinned, and said, "Okay."

All the bosses present there at the meeting had noticed their sweet interactions, and now they were all trying to keep Janet's face in their minds.

They had to keep in mind that this woman was Daniel's beloved woman, and in case that they might meet with her somewhere in the future, they had to treat her with courtesy.

There were a lot of business affairs for them to discuss tonight. When Janet went out to the lady's room again, Daniel followed her out.

"Is it too boring for you? How about I ask Shirley to drive you back first?" asked Daniel.

He leaned her against the corridor's wall, and put his hand through her long locks of hair.

"No, I'll wait for you, " said Janet. She had nothing else to do when she was back home, because one of her daughters was taken care by Lola, and another was at the old house. She didn't need to look after her children at the moment.

"Okay then, I'll try to wrap it up as soon as possible!" Daniel had drunk a little liquor, and he dragged her by her hand and walked towards the toilet.

At around ten o'clock at night

Daniel cut their talk short, and in the end told Emma, "Miss Gu, let's see each other in the company tomorrow!"

Emma Gu would now be working in the SL Group.

"Mr. Si, thank you very much!" replied Emma.

When they came out of the hotel, Shirley drove the car to them, and Mr. Huang personally opened the back seat door for Daniel, but Daniel let Janet get in the car first.

He bid farewell to all the other people, and then got in the

uring that Daniel was a mean guy.

Daniel was a mean guy!


The next afternoon, after she woke up, Janet quickly washed. She still hadn't given up her hope and ran out of the mansion to look for the lipsticks in the lawn.

But Daniel had already known that she would do this, and he had instructed the neighborhood custodian to sweep the lawn.

When the custodian saw the box of lipsticks, she hesitated for a moment, and wondered if she should hand over the lipsticks to the property department.

But Spark had come over and told her that those things belonged to her since she had picked them up!

The custodian then excitedly kept the lipsticks for herself.

That's why when Janet ran to the lawn, there were no lipsticks left on it.

'You're bad Daniel Si!

If you didn't like them, I could have at least given them to somebody else! Why did you have to throw them away?' thought Janet furiously.

Janet then thought that it was not a good habit for him to be wasting things. She decided that she had to find another chance to give him some lessons!

Inside the company, Daniel instructed Spark to ask the factory abroad to send a set of popular cosmetics there. He stressed that the cosmetics must be in full varieties and under any circumstances not harmful to skin, and that he would test them himself.

Taking down notes on his instructions, Spark then went out of the office and contacted the factory abroad.

All the workers in the company discussed about the affair with Shirley Zheng. She had been their CEO's fiancee, but now she had been suddenly transferred to the human resources department.

Although she had been promoted to the department's director, they all understood what was actually going on behind the curtains.

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