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   Chapter 310 What a Beautiful Girlfriend You Have

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Her intention could be easily seen through. Daniel leaned down to her and sealed her ruby lips with a passionate kiss...

All of a sudden, the back seats became quiet, because something romantic was going on there.

The driver had to concentrate on the steering wheel. She had thought that they would burst into a huge argument, but instead they had ended up making out right behind her.

The atmosphere inside the car started heating fast.

Janet let out a long sigh against his lips, and Daniel finally reluctantly let her go, looking as if he had had enough of her lipstick.

With a big smile on his face, he whispered in her ear, "How I'd wish to press you underneath me right now and vigorously..."

The rest of his words were sealed by her soft palm.

"Stop it! You should really clean your mouth corner!" She shyly glanced at his lipstick-smeared mouth, and giggled.

Daniel took a piece of tissue from the armrest and handed it to her. With a grin on his handsome face, he said, "Wipe it off for me!"

She took the tissue and carefully cleaned his lips.

Somehow things had improved from there. Without even noticing, Janet was lying on the car seat with Daniel above her, and fondly gazing at her.

"Boss Si, we have arrived." Shirley parked the car neatly in the parking lot. Her voice sounded normal.

When she heard her, Janet quickly pushed the man away, and struggled to get up. She hastily wiped her mouth with her hands, and mumbled, "That's enough, we're here!"

What a relief! Otherwise she would have ended up getting "bullied" by the big bad wolf...

They had arrived at the JH Grand Hotel. Daniel walked next to Janet with his hand casually put around her waist, and when they approached the elevator in the lobby, Shirley strode to call it for them.

She only entered the elevator after they entered first. Inside it, she silently stood behind them.

She felt jealous when she gazed at their backs, and thought what a perfect match they were.

Janet casually asked, "Who are we meeting with today? Why did you have to bring me along with you?"

"Some business partners." It wasn't necessary to bring a female companion for the occasion, but he wanted more people to know who Janet was.

The elevator reached the 8th floor, and they were greeted warmly by the hotel's manager, who had already been notified of Daniel's arrival by the receptionist down in the lobby.

He led the way for the three to Lounge 888.

The lounge was almost full, with only three seats remaining.

The main chair and the chair next to it were empty. There was also a third empty chair n

the lounge earlier, she had already had a bad feeling about her. She could tell that Emma was constantly looking at her, checking her out.

"Hey..." To ease the tension, Janet broke the silence by greeting Emma.

To her surprise, Emma replied to her greeting with only one question. "How are the things between your father and mother?" she said.

Janet paused, and then slowly nodded, "They are doing fine. Ms. Gu, do you know my parents?"

However, her question had not been answered. As if she were alone there, Emma looked at herself in the mirror, carefully examining the wrinkles on her own face. 'I've clearly aged, " thought Emma, as a bitter smile spread all across her face.

Janet knew straightaway that Emma must have had something to do with her parents. She seemed to be a woman with rich stories to tell.

Janet threw the hand wipe into the bin, and politely bid Emma goodbye. "I'm going now."

But Emma quickly pulled her wrist, and said, "Listen girl, I did something horrible to your mother ages ago. Please don't mention me in front of your parents!"

She was still afraid of Samuel.

She was concerned that Samuel would make her life worse if he thought that she was going to hurt his family again.

She had spent a lot of time in prison, and she really regretted what she had done to Ella...

'She did something horrible to mom?' Janet was confused by her words, and she looked at the woman standing in front her carefully. Emma looked younger than her real age, because the heavy foundation had covered up all the wrinkles on her face.

However, Janet could tell that Emma was much older than her mother was...

"Okay." Janet agreed with Emma's plea, because she seemed to not have any bad intention.

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