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   Chapter 308 Did You Beg That Bitch

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Mrs. Yi thought, 'This is all Janet's fault!'

Clarissa shook her head and said, "Mom, let's go!"

She had changed a lot after two days in prison.

She had been arrogant and aggressive at the beginning, but every time she spoke up, someone slapped her in the face.

When she tried to threaten those who had bullied her about her father being a government official, they just laughed at her and said that her father had bought his way to obtain the position and was currently being investigated.

Inside the prison, she and Sabina had dried bread and leftover vegetables, while the others were served warm bread and newly-cooked salted vegetables.

So she began to question why she was in prison...

She initially thought that it was all because of Janet. She was to blame for everything.

But then she realized that it was not Janet's mistake. She was the one who had rubbed off Janet the wrong way.

Janet was offended, so Daniel had to protect her.

She and Sabina were in this mess because of what they had done.

But she was not sure whether it was too late to make up for her mistake.

However, Sabina had an entirely different outlook after two days in prison, even though she had experienced the same thing Clarissa did.

She was eager to take revenge on Janet.

Sabina was so angry that she gritted her teeth and said, "Janet is such a bitch. I must get back at her. Since she dared seduce my Daniel, she needs to pay the price."

Carol looked at Sabina and saw an expression full of jealousy and hatred.

She thought to herself, 'No wonder that Daniel likes Janet.'

Sabina then said, "Mom, let's go home. I want to take a shower. And later, I plot my revenge on Janet!"

Suddenly, everyone heard a loud smack.

Sabina held her face and looked at Carol with a look of total disbelief.

She said, "Mom, you... why did you slap me?"

It was the first time she had been slapped by her mother.

Carol said sternly, "You have been in prison for two days, but

r. Shirley was driving.

Shirley said, "Mr. Si, Janet is coming."

Daniel put aside his documents and got off the car to welcome his girl.


What was she wearing?

She was wearing a black A-line dress with a bare midriff and a pair of eight-centimeter stilettos. Her beautiful legs were exposed.

When he got closer, he found that she had light makeup on, topped with a red lipstick.

She looked very sexy and mature.

Daniel said in a cold tone, "Janet!"

Janet stopped in front of Daniel with a big smile, linked his arm with hers, and said, "Let's go!"

Daniel could almost see her cleavage when she made a sudden movement. He swallowed and then said angrily, "Who asked you to be dressed like this?"

She was confused and asked, "Why? Do I not look good?" It took her a lot of courage to put on the dress and the shoes. Plus, it was her only pair of eight-centimeter stilettos.

Daniel pulled a long face and said nothing. He thought, 'You look very beautiful and sexy in this dress. That's why I am not happy!'

Daniel pulled her in his arms and kissed her. He didn't care about ruining her lipstick.

In the car, Shirley's eyes turned red as she watched the couple kissing.

After making out for quite a few minutes, Daniel let go of Janet and said, "Let's go back and change your clothes."

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