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   Chapter 307 Daniel, You're So Kind

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'Two kids?' Janet wanted to laugh at Carol Yi's words. 'Your daughter, Sabina Fan, is older than me, but you treat her like a kid?' thought she.

But she knew that Carol didn't mean anything by it. She thought, 'I'm already twenty-six years old, but my own parents still treat me as a kid, too.'

"Okay, but don't get your hopes up too much. I'll tell Daniel about it. He is the one who has a say in it, " said Janet.

Upon hearing her words, Mrs. Yi was anxious, she said, "Miss Shao, we really need your help. Please tell us when our kids can be released from the jail. Please?"

Janet took a sip out of her cup of coffee, then she slowly opened her mouth and said, "It's up to Daniel. I can't make any decisions myself." Janet thought that she had to respect Daniel's status in front of other people, no matter what.

Carol then cautiously suggested, "Miss Shao, how about you call to Mr. Si now and ask him about it?" Afraid that Janet might not agree, Carol assured her and said, "I know how difficult Sabina is, but I promise you that I will take Sabina abroad when she comes out of the jail. She won't bring any trouble to you anymore."

Carol was serious with what she said. She knew that she couldn't rely on Taylor Fan anymore, and her brother also had been involved in some scandals that he probably would be expelled from the Party.

When her daughter would get out of jail, she would divorce Taylor Fan. Then, she would take her out of C Country to start anew and live peaceful life.

Janet didn't want to call Daniel again, but then she empathized with Carol. Being as Sabina's mother must have been such a hard job to do.

Because she was also a mother of two daughters, Janet could more or less understand Carol.

Cutting Carol some slack, Janet then took her phone out and called Daniel.

"Hello, my dear, what's up?" answered Daniel.

Lola had just come to pick up his daughter and left. He was about to go for a meeting now.

"Daniel, when will you release Clarissa and Sabina from jail? Mrs. Yi and Mrs. Carol are anxious to know, " said Janet. Even though she knew that Daniel was counting on her decision, she said this in front of them to reiterate Daniel's powerful reputation.

In front of Mrs. Yi and Carol, Janet sai

people stare at them, she hastily persuaded Mrs. Yi, "Sister-in-law, let's go pick up our kids first. They must have suffered a lot! Let's deal with my brother's affairs next time!"

'Next time?' Mrs. Yi furiously stared at Carol, but when she thought of her daughter, she tried her best to calm down. They both stood up and left.

As soon as she got out of the cafe, Janet received Spark's call. "Miss Shao, they have already been released, " said Spark.

"Okay. Thank you, Spark!" said Janet. Janet got in her car and drove to the old house to see her great-grandmother and her daughter.

Spark had actually wanted to ask her about the doll, but he just let it go. Many days had already passed.

At the Public Security Bureau

When Mrs. Yi and Carol arrived at the bureau, Clarissa and Sabina had already been waiting for them outside, wearing awful looks on their faces. Passersby were looking at the both of them.

Mrs. Yi got out of her car and, with tears flooding her eyes, she ran to her daughter. Then, she scanned her from head to toe.

Clarissa's hair was in a total mess, and her glowing, white face became dirty and swollen. Her eyes looked absent. She was still wearing the dress from that night at the birthday party. It looked worn out now.

One of her high-heeled stilettos had lost a heel.

"Clarissa, my dear daughter, you must have suffered a lot!" said Mrs. Yi. She continued to wipe off tears on her face. She had never seen her daughter in such a terrible condition!

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