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   Chapter 306 It's Up to You

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Shirley came over to pick Daniel and his daughter up today.

In the backseat of the car

"Sweetheart, tell me, what kind of kindergarten do you want to go to?" Daniel looked at several kindergarten design proposals Spark had sent to him. They were all designed by the top designers of his company.

Melissa put her arms around her father's neck and curiously looked at the pictures on his phone, not knowing what they were.

She then answered, "I want to go to a castle-like kindergarten, with Hello Kitty patterns posted everywhere. There will also be dolphin-shape cradles, pirate ship desks, and the chairs that look like the small horses..."

Daniel wondered if the Hello Kitty patterns would go together with the pirate ship desks.

He was also surprised at how creative his daughter was.

After thinking it over, Daniel had an idea. He would try to see if he could marry Melissa's concept with the actual design proposals.

While listening to Daniel and his daughter's conversation, Shirley felt sad.

She thought that if she didn't have an abortion, her child would be about the same age as Melissa.

After having lunch at noon, Janet was about to go home. As she was about to walk out of the villa, her phone rang. It was Mrs. Yi.

Mrs. Yi had invited her out for coffee to have a talk with her.

Janet already knew what she wanted to talk about.

Clarissa had already stayed in jail for a long time. Janet thought that it must have already taught this rich, spoiled brat a lesson.

Janet then asked Mrs. Yi to meet her at Lola's coffee shop - Dominator.

Before she drove off, Janet called Daniel.

Daniel greeted her on the other side of the line, "My dear wife." Janet was enchanted by his gentle voice.

Without making a fuss about or correcting what he just called her, Janet touched her hot face and said, "Mrs. Yi called me a few minutes ago and asked me to meet her."

"Uh-huh." He had already sent a lot of bodyguards to protect her, so he wasn't worried that Mrs. Yi would be capable of doing anything to hurt Janet.

"It's definitely about Sabina and Clarissa. How long will you keep them locked up? Tell me, so I know what to tell her, " said Janet.

"It's up to you, " replied Daniel. He would not let them out until Janet cooled down.


a crass girl.

She also thought about her bad-tempered daughter and had to admit that Janet was much better than Sabina...

Mrs. Yi had to swallow her pride for her husband's and daughter's sake, so she smiled and apologized, "Yes, we are indeed sorry, Miss Shao. Clarissa and Sabina were foolish and had made immature mistakes. We hope you can forgive all of their actions."

She had really despised Janet and scolded her for many times in her heart, but when she found out the truth about the Shao family, she looked at her in a better light.

"Don't you think you're talking to the wrong person?" asked Janet. She wondered why they were discussing this with her, instead of Daniel.

Carol and Mrs. Yi looked at each other. "Miss Shao, we have tried to approach Mr. Si..."

Janet understood. Daniel probably didn't want to talk with them.

Janet felt that they were sincere, and she also didn't want to stir up any trouble. But she still wanted justice for her mother, so she flatly said, "My mother isn't a murderer."

She didn't want to say much. She just wanted them to know that Ella wasn't a murderer. She hoped that they wouldn't say that anymore.

Carol knew what she meant and gently spoke, "It was so silly of Clarissa and Sabina to say so. If you agree to let them off, I will teach my daughter a lesson!"

She had to personally beg a young woman to let her daughter out. Taylor didn't care. After his daughter got locked up, he spent little money on this matter and didn't take any further actions.

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