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   Chapter 305 We Can Get a Divorce Tomorrow

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"Daniel, could you please go out first? I want to take a quick shower and go back to our child. She is unsupervised..." She lowered her head, letting the warm water drip down her body.

"It's okay. I've made her bed. I can assure you that she will never fall off, even if she rolls over."

He deeply looked into her eyes, lowered his head, and blew gently in her ear.

"Baby, I'll try to restrain myself..." He didn't want her to be afraid of him.

Even though he said he would restrain himself, Daniel couldn't resist devouring every bit of her until 2 AM. Then, he finally let go of the woman begging under him.

At the Southern Garden Complex

Ivanka went into the bedroom and opened the birthday presents she had received. The brown paper bag was from Angela; it had a comb inside. 'This is amazing!' Ivanka gently touched the wooden hairbrush and felt that having friends was really good...

She then put the wooden hairbrush on her dresser and opened the black paper bag from Janet.

She tried to guess what it was. After fumbling her hand inside the bag, she concluded that Janet had given her some clothes.

She pulled it out and saw a black nightgown, but... it was short and... revealing...

The bedroom door opened quietly and Brian, with an overcoat in his hand, observed what his wife was up to.

With his mouth agape, he swallowed at the sight of what Ivanka was holding.

Feeling his blazing eyes, Ivanka quickly turned around and found Brian right at the door.

She hastily balled up the clothes and put it back into the bag. 'This is all Janet's fault...'

She avoided Brian's eyes and went into her dressing room with the bag.

As she placed it in her closet, Brian held her hand and said, "Try it on."

She pretended to be stupid and asked, "... What?"

Brian quietly took the bag from her hand and asked, "Janet gave it to you to wear, so why don't you

force me to put this on? Did he want to imagine me as Janet?'

Thinking of this, Ivanka became a little sad. She hid her emotions and went out to of the dressing room.

Brian lazily leaned on the bed. Seeing Ivanka, he stared at her red face like a lion staring at its prey.

Ivanka said, "All right! You've already seen it. I'll go change now!" She turned back and went to the dressing room.

Brian quickly jumped out of the bed and followed her.

He pinned her to a closet and kissed her.

His violent reaction scared Ivanka, so she tried to push away the man in military uniform, but she failed.

In between gasps of air, she said, "Brian... Ah... You promised to let go of me..."

Brian grinned, showing his white teeth. For the first time in his life, he lied, "I haven't said yes!"

"..." Ivanka looked at the man in astonishment. But she recalled his words and found he was right...

'Ahhhhhh! I'm so stupid!

I have fallen into his trap.'

After they had sex, the only word she could utter was "Brian".

Brian caressed her face and kept whispering into her ears.

Ivanka's face was red and shiny as if she had put blush on her face...

The next day, Daniel went to office with his daughter and left Janet alone at home, sleeping.

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