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   Chapter 304 Did He Want to Marry Her

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If Spark didn't know how much Boss Si was in love with Janet, he would assume that Boss Si must have loved him!

They both walked to Janet's car in the parking lot. Daniel got in the car and sat on the driver's seat, while Janet sat next to him. As Daniel was fastening Janet's seatbelt for her, he suddenly said, "How do you think I can get even with you for giving me that sex doll?"

Umm... Janet chuckled. He really couldn't take his mind off that doll. She then held his hand and said, "Don't be silly. I ordered it for you. You should thank me for it!"

Daniel put his hand under Janet's chin, arched an eyebrow, stared at her lips, and said, "Are you suggesting that I can have sex with other women?"

Janet swatted his hand off, looked right straight into his eyes, and said, "Of course not. Are you suggesting that you want to have sex with other women?"

What a silly question. If she wanted him to have sex with someone else, she could have sent him some women, not a sex doll. It was not that easy to find the perfect doll.

"Jane, I will remember what you did, and you must pay me back tonight, or you'll be sorry, " said Daniel. Janet wanted to talk back, but Daniel had started the car and zoomed away.

They went to a Mexican restaurant. Daniel kept staring at her while they were eating.

"Aren't you going to eat?" asked Janet. It seemed that he had only ordered for her.

Daniel shook his head and replied, "No, I've already eaten."

He would have ordered some red wine, but he remembered how Janet reacted to drinking it, so he decided to forgo the thought.

He had already eaten... But what did he have for dinner? Did he eat the takeout she brought to his office? Janet thought carefully. Daniel did not bring any sort of box with him when they got out of the office.

After she knew that he had eaten, she ate faster.

"You don't need to rush. I can wait, " Daniel looked at her face with a soft smile.

Janet nodded her head, but she still tried to finish her food faster.

It was almost 9 PM when they got out of the restaurant.

"Where is Melissa?" asked Janet. She knew that Harry had picked Melissa up, but she didn't know where they went.

Sometimes, Daniel and Janet forgot that they had kids because the g

ver she slept.


Then, Janet asked him when Melissa would be old enough to sleep in her own room.

Daniel said, "She can only have her own room when we give him a brother to protect her." Then, he winked.


Janet rolled her eyes, picked up her robe, and walked into the bathroom.

Daniel followed her and stopped her from closing the door.

Daniel knew that she wanted to lock the door. He started to unbutton his shirt and said, "Are you trying to hide from me? You can not dodge the punishment."

... Janet looked at how he unbuttoned his shirt, one by one. He then threw the shirt into the laundry basket.

Janet could not stop looking at his strong, solid chest.

"Come here!" said Daniel. He had stopped loosening his belt.

She playfully walked up to him and asked, "Boss Si, what do you want me to do?"

Janet was thinking that if she obeyed him, he might let her off easy.

"Take it off!" ordered Daniel.

What? She could not escape now, could she?

Janet bit her lips and threw her robe on the floor. Then, she started to unzip her dress.

Daniel arched an eyebrow and stared at her in shock. He was just asking her to help him take off his pants. He did not expect that she would take off her dress.

But he thought that was better. They were both naked.

Janet was blushing. As she slid her dress down slowly, Daniel's breathing sped up. He could not stand it anymore. He swept her off her feet, carried her under the shower, and turned on the sprinkler.

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