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   Chapter 303 You Look Like A Clown

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Before Carol could finish her words, Mrs. Yi said in disbelief, "It would be reasonable for me to beg for Mr. Si's forgiveness because, after all, he's a CEO of an international Group. But you're telling me that I should go beg Janet Shao? The daughter of a murderer? What a joke!"

Carol Yi glanced at her sister-in-law and said, "Look at the situation we are in! Which one do you think is more important? Your self-esteem? Or the safety of our two kids?"

Her question dumbfounded Mrs. Yi. She felt her heart ache when she thought of how her daughter must be faring in jail at the moment, and how she couldn't even get the chance to see her.

Mrs. Yi had no choice but to swallow her pride and said, "Fine. Let's visit that girl!"

But Carol lowered her head, with her palm on her forehead. Her daughter, Sabina, was Daniel's ex-girlfriend, but Janet was his current girlfriend. She was worried that Janet wouldn't let Sabina off easily because of this.

After waking up from her nap, Janet found herself in the dark. She gasped for air in panic, but when she thought of Daniel, she calmed down.

She opened the lounge room's door, and the bright light outside pierced into her eyes. It made her feel uncomfortable, so she squinted.

"Finally awake?" The man sitting in front of his desk then put down the papers in his hands and hastily came over.

Daniel then noticed that Janet had put on some makeup today. But because she had cried, her face was now disheveled and blemished with mascara.

Pinching her nose, he pretended to be disgusted and said, "Look at your face! You look like a clown."

'What? A clown?' thought Janet.

They both seemed to have an agreement to let go of what had happened that evening. In Daniel's mind, he was afraid that she would recall the miserable memories and dampen her mood again.

But in Janet's mind, she was afraid that she might burden Daniel, and she didn't want to seem pathetic in front of him.

Gradually, Janet had become sensitive to others' feelings. Now and then, she would think before she acted or said anything, so she wouldn't offend nor bother other people.

Then, Daniel held Janet's hand and took her to the bathroom. She looked at the mirror and was horrified with what she saw. Her makeup was smudged everywhere by her tears.

'Oh! How terrible!' She put on makeup to lure him, but she might hav

a man must have at least one red underpants in his life. I've never seen you wear a red one, so I was worried that you wouldn't like them!"


The woman had entered the bathroom, without having noticed how the man's face completely darkened.

Daniel took the box out and had a better look at it. The color was indeed bright red!


Daniel really wanted to throw the box into the dustbin. How could she believe the saleswoman so easily?

'I must find out which saleswoman that was and have her fired!' thought Daniel angrily.

When Janet came out of the bathroom, Daniel had already cleared his desk and locked some important papers in his safe.

Then, they walked out of the CEO's office together.

All the secretaries were still working. Daniel announced, "Please go home early tonight."

"Yes, Mr. Si!" they all said in unison.

Shirley looked absently at the couple holding hands. She felt that they were really a match made in heaven...

Spark stared at Janet, which weirded her out.

Daniel also had noticed it, so he warned him, "Spark, go home and stare at your wife!"

"Yes, Mr. Si!" answered Spark. He instantly moved away his eyes from Janet. He wished that he could have the chance to have Janet alone, so he could ask her something.

'Oh, I can't take the doll back home! My wife will get angry, ' thought Spark.

Before he left the company, Spark randomly gave the doll to one of his workmates and said, "This is a gift from Mr. Si."

For a whole month after, that workmate of his wondered why the CEO would give him a blow-up doll.

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