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   Chapter 301 They Wanted to Train Me to Be A Killer

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"Don't touch me! I won't do it!" Janet screamed as she was still hallucinating and treated Daniel as the masked old man with gray hair.

Shirley was startled to see Janet like this and thought, 'What had made Janet... so upset?'

"Jane, it's me! Jane..." Although Janet kept on struggling, Daniel managed to hold her in his arms.

He caught a glimpse of the wine glass on the floor and the red wine stain on the grayish white carpet.

Red wine?

Daniel kept on comforting Janet. He held her face with both his hands and tried to focus her eyes on him.

"Daniel!" When she saw Daniel, Janet instantly felt relieved. She leaned against his chest and began to cry.

Daniel waved to Shirley who stood behind him, gesturing her to leave the office, so she did.

When the office door closed, Daniel carried Janet in his arms and took her to the resting room.

After he pacified her for a couple of minutes, Janet's pale face started to look better.

"I... will listen to you from now on... I don't want to go back to that cave any longer..." She continued sobbing and stammering.

Daniel kissed her long hair and said, "Don't worry. Even if you don't listen to me, I won't let you out of my sight."

It was all his fault.

But he didn't know which cave she was talking about.

He had asked people to check the Wangfeng Cliff, but they didn't find anything.

"What should I do? What am I going to do? I don't want to remember what I had gone through, but I can't help it..." Janet wiped her tears and wondered if she should tell Daniel everything.

Daniel pulled her to his chest and said, "I'm right here. Don't think about it too much. But Jane, you can feel more relaxed if you tell me what's wrong."

He didn't want her to bear those extremely horrific memories alone.

As she heard Daniel's heartbeat through his chest, Janet closed her eyes and stayed silent for a while. It was gradually getting dark outside. She then started to speak, "Daniel, I once said that I don't deserve you because... I had taken drugs."

He knew this already, so he gently comforted her, "You're already sober. It's okay."

He thought that she still deserved him even if she had done that sort of thing. After all, it wasn't her fault.

She didn't say anything anym

spar asked her about it, she was hit with an intense panic attack. Since then, Caspar didn't ask her any more.

He took her to rehab and helped her cure the injuries and scars on her body. Every time she had nightmares late at night, he immediately rushed to her and stayed by her side the whole night...

In those days, her children were her strength. After a few months, her children slept with her to keep her company.

When she had nightmares at night, her children would always hug her and comfort her...

Janet gave Daniel an overview of what she had gone through. She didn't want to remember and reveal other details.

When she finished talking, the whole resting room was very quiet.

She had the courage to say all of this because Daniel's large palm was on her waist, and she was enamored by his warm embrace.

It was completely dark inside the room. She fixed her eyes on the ceiling that was dimly illuminated by the light outside.

"Daniel, will you dislike me because of what I had gone through?" She drank, smoked, used weapons, and took drugs... She wasn't any different from those women in gangs.

Daniel didn't respond to her question, but instead he gave her a passionate kiss.

He closed his eyes, not letting her see how red and full of tears they were. Her lips were a little cold, so he tried his best to keep them warm.

Janet... worried him so much.

He began to think how to love and cherish her more so he could heal the wounds in her heart and ease the pain she bore.

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