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   Chapter 300 Mr. Harry Took Her out Today

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The sexy nightgown she gave to Ivanka was something she and Angela bought for Nicole.

When Janet heard that Sven wanted another baby, she immediately thought of giving Nicole such gift. But now that Janet gave it to Ivanka, Janet needed to find a new one to replace it.

Angela was also carrying a handbag. "Oh look, I have here a wooden hairbrush just for you. Happy birthday, Ivanka!"

It has been a long time since Ivanka received any birthday gifts, "Thank you so much, " said she with tearful eyes.

"You're very welcome. Go enjoy your time with Brian. We shall leave you two lovebirds alone!" Janet nudged Ivanka to Brian who stood behind them. It was such a strong nudge that Ivanka would've fallen, if Brian didn't catch her.

After seeing what she had done, Janet felt embarrassed, so she hurriedly grabbed Angela and said, "You two have great time!"

Those two girls were gone like a gust of wind. Ivanka watched them go with a pleased smile.

"I'm sorry..." The man's apology came out of nowhere, confusing Ivanka. She propped herself up out of his arms and looked at him.

Brian had never acted so intimate with her in public.

Aware of her confusion, Brian explained, "I wasn't being considerate of your feelings. It will not happen again."

Setting his eyes on the spot where Janet was a few minutes ago, he became deep in thought. He was relieved now that he knew someone else was taking good care of her. It was no longer his responsibility to do so.

Tracking his trail of sight, Ivanka knew what Brian had in mind.

Carefully interrupting his thoughts, she said, "It is nothing. Let's go."

If he was not the one who rescued her at the hotel at that time, she wouldn't have allowed herself to bow to go through this.

But she didn't have a choice.

Brian looked at her from behind and told himself that Janet had her own happiness now. He should, instead, focus on his own family, especially the woman bes

she learned how to handle her alcohol.

She remembered how she suffered from gastric bleeding...

Those men did not even bother to take her to a hospital. Instead, they called a doctor to the cave and treated her there.

The horror in Janet's mind arose. She tried to get the incident off her mind.

Unfortunately, it wasn't working. She remembered the masked man with silver hair whispering, "Go kill Caspar and Dillon..."

"NO!" She cried out and dropped the wine glass down to the ground.

Wine split everywhere, but the glass fell on the carpet and remained intact...

She jumped off the chair in panic, looking around the office, hearing her own heavy heart beat.

Where was Daniel? Where was he?

She didn't want to be alone!

The air inside the room seemed to suffocate her. She started feeling out of breath. She clutched her chest and sat on the ground.

"I am not going back there... NO!" Fear made her throat hoarse and her face pale.

When Daniel got back to his office, he saw Janet on the floor. Startled, he quickly turned around and handed the papers to Shirley.

Shirley had never seen Janet this pale before.

She never knew that she got any disease.

"Jane, what's wrong?" Daniel lifted the trembling woman from the ground and held her in his arms.

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