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   Chapter 299 Shopping with Ivanka

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'Mr. Si... No! What did Janet send me this?' Spark wondered.


Angela was free, so Janet had asked her to go shopping.

"Jane, what are you going to do with all these makeup?" Angela looked at the woman paying the bill, wondering why she needed it since her skin didn't need any of these.

"I'm going to use them!" Janet said indifferently.

She hadn't been a fan of makeup before, but she would start using them from now on.

"Okay then... Anyway, the makeup that the saleslady did for you looks great!" Angela smiled with amazement.

For Janet to try the products, the saleslady did a short demo on Janet's face using the store's best-selling products.

And since Janet was keen on her agenda, she bought all the products the saleslady had recommended.

"Yes. These work well on me." She took the bags from the saleslady and dragged Angela to the next shop.

If the makeup didn't look good, she wouldn't waste her time buying them.

She had planned to buy some bags, clothing, and shoes, but upon seeing the closet that Daniel had prepared for her, she didn't have to shop for more.

As they were walking, a lipstick shop caught Janet's attention. "Angela, look! Which color is better?"

She had just bought two lipsticks. But Janet could never resist beautiful things.

The card she held now was just the one she had given to her parents. Samuel didn't use the money. Instead, he deposited money in the account.

While Angela concentrated on selecting lipsticks for Janet, a man's voice said, "Janet, do you like them?"

Janet reflexively nodded. She liked the shades and packaging of the lipsticks.

"Excuse me, would you please pack these up? I'll pay for them."

As Janet realized what had happened, she turned around, "Brian!"

Brian, still in his military uniform, gave his card to the overjoyed salesla

ed impulsive at times.

Janet decided to explain, "Mrs. Ivaka, I'm dating Daniel Si. We... are getting married too. Let's hang out when you're free!"

She was not showing off. She merely said that to clear any misunderstandings.

Brian's smile disappeared when he heard that.

Ivanka understood what Janet was doing. She said softly, "Certainly. I wish you all the best! Please invite us to your wedding if you'd like."

Brian was a soldier. It was his handsome appearance and manliness that attracted Ivanka at the beginning.

"Absolutely! May I call you Ivanka?" Janet held Ivanka's hand. She had nothing against her since she found out that there was nothing between Ivanka and Daniel and that she was only set up by her father.

Ivanka smiled and nodded, "Of course. I'll call you Janet then!"

The tense air wafted away, and they quickly became friends. Janet called over Angela and introduced her to Ivanka.

The three women left the shop laughing and talking. Brian followed behind them, watching them hand in hand.

Women's friendships are one of a kind.

Ten minutes later, Janet picked up a bag and gave it to Ivanka, "I didn't know it's your birthday. So here! It's my gift for you. Happy birthday!"

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