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   Chapter 298 You Have So Many Wives

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Obviously, she would like to spend a lifetime with Daniel... But she didn't know what exactly Daniel was after. He had so many beautiful women around him. Sometimes she wondered if he ever got sick of it.

Anyway, she would not lose to any one of those girls that surrounded him.

She quickly got up from bed and scheduled her day to shop for fancy clothes and top-of-the-line cosmetics. She needed to doll up every day!

She had to be creative and try different styles from time to time. This way, Daniel wouldn't get tired of seeing her.

Not knowing what was on her mind, Samuel remained silent. Although he had a lot to advise his daughter, he said nothing as he remembered Melody's words.

He simply said to her, "You already have twins. You should behave like a responsible mother."


As soon as she ended the call, Janet dashed to the bathroom. She quickly freshened up and stepped into Daniel's walk-in closet.

She was utterly shocked the moment she opened the wardrobe.

Janet was looking at a wardrobe full of women's clothing.

All of the clothes were carefully folded. They were the current season's fashion as well. What delighted her most was the cabinet adjacent to the one she was looking at. That cabinet had some of the most adorable toddler's clothing for her daughter.

Men's clothes, women's clothes, and children's clothes were all organised inside the walk-in closet. The sight made her feel at home.

She randomly picked a bright yellow blouse to try on. Then, she opened the drawer in the middle of the cabinet. Just as she expected, she found a wide array of jewelry on a red velvet tray.

Each drawer in the middle of the cabinet was stocked with an equal amount of both women's jewelry and men's jewelry. She was amazed at this heart-warming arrangement.

She carefully took out a pearl necklace and put it around her neck. Then, she opened the drawer stocked with watches.

There were at least 100 different designer watches displayed in separate black satin boxes inside the drawer.

She selected one piece to match her dress.

After dressing up, she called Daniel.

Daniel was just stepping out of the meeting room when Miss Qin caught him in ti

by her thought process. Daniel was speechless at how weird she was.

He nodded to the parcel lying on the ground and told Spark, "You have been working hard lately. Here's your reward."

Spark was excited when his boss mentioned about a reward. He quickly picked up the box without checking what was inside and said, "Thank you, Boss Si! I will work even harder from now on!"

Daniel grinned, "No need to thank me. When you see my wife, you can thank her!"

"Oh! All right! I will thank her, Boss Si!" Spark walked out of the CEO's office with a big smile on his face.

Janet heard their conversation clearly over the phone. She snapped at Daniel, "Hey, Daniel, how could you do this to me?"

"Jane, you asked for it!" Without further listening to her nagging, he ended the call.

On the other hand, Spark went back to his seat with the parcel. He couldn't hide his joy.

The rest of the secretaries gathered around him to see what the big deal was.

"Assistant Spark, why are you happy?"

"Tell us! Did the CEO reward you with something special?"

They were guessing correctly! Spark nodded proudly as he laid the huge box on his desk.

He opened the box in front of everyone...

And they all burst out laughing. "Hahahahahahah, this is epic!"

"Wow! Spark, don't you have a girlfriend already?"

"Hahahaha, I am dying of laughter here. Spark, look at your face!"


Spark was completely stunned as he stood there, staring at the doll.

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