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   Chapter 296 Have Been Watching Me for Such A Long Time

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Jerry had just left the company.

"I'm on my way home. What's up?"

"Come here first and take your wife with you home. Don't let her bother my family!"

Daniel's disgusted words made Sally sad, and Sally pointed at him, and finally said, "Jane, get my brother under your control! Just look at him! What kind of brother is he if he's acting like this?"

"So is my brother. How badly treated we are as sisters!" Janet intentionally hugged Sally, and each of them pretended to cry hard.

Michelle detached herself from Daniel's grasp and threw herself into her mothers arms instead, and sadly said, "Mommy! Auntie! Don't cry... Whoooooooh."

Seeing that Michelle was getting close to tears, Janet hastily raised her head and said, "My baby! Mommy and auntie were just kidding, we weren't really crying. Look!"

She showed Michelle that she didn't have any tears on her face. Seeing her clean face, Michelle restrained her tears that had almost flown.

The three people happily laughed together.

'They are always laughing so easily!' Daniel had nothing else to say to them, and took his daughter upstairs.

Soon after, Jerry arrived, and took his wife home with him. Janet had wanted to leave with Jerry, but Daniel stood at the top of the stairs, and said, "Janet, if you dare to leave, I can assure you that you'll never see our child again."

... Janet sadly waved her hand to Sally, and said, "Bye, Sally!"

Jerry looked up at his sister, and said, "Don't be reluctant! I've heard that Daniel has arranged that Clarissa and Sabina be arrested. Did you know that?"

Janet nodded. She had already heard this when he called, so she already knew about the event.

Since Daniel had given her the power, she wanted to hold the two women incarcerated for several days as punishment, and then let them go.

"According to the latest new, Ethan was also taken away just now." Jerry put one hand into his pocket, and dragged his wife towards the door with the other.

Janet was confused, and asked, "Why?"

Jerry found that Daniel had disappeared from the top of the stairs, and answered, "Etha

inside the office, Spark and Shirley followed him.

Shirley reminded Daniel, "Boss Si, Mr. Huang has been waiting for you in the VIP room for a long time."

Looking at the little girl in Harry's arms, she felt really envious. 'If only... I could bear Daniel's child!'

Daniel looked at his smiling daughter, and said, "Okay. I'll go to see him now. Miss Shirley, bring the previous proposal!"

"Yes, CEO!" Then Shirley turned, left the office and went back to the Secretary Department.

"Michelle, let's go!" With these words, Daniel had wanted to take her from his father.

But Harry didn't move, and instead said, "You just go and discuss with Mr. Huang the partnership. I'll take care of Michelle!"

Without any more words, Daniel kissed her cheek and left the office along with Spark.

On their way, Spark told Daniel, "Boss Si, Lady Yi and Taylor have called you several times since last night. They want to beg you."

Daniel read the documents in his hand, and without even raising his head, he said, "Just ignore them."

"Yes, Boss Si!"

Spark thought, 'Boss Si really gets angry when it comes to his woman. For Janet, he even asked the state leaders to help him.'

Shirley took the documents and quickly followed them from behind.

Inside the elevator, Shirley gazed obsessively at Daniel.

She dared to desperately look at Daniel only when she was standing behind him...

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