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   Chapter 295 Go to the Jail

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When Angela Si asked Clarissa Yi, Taylor Fan saw Arvin Gu at first. He came to Arvin quickly, and asked, "'Dr. Arvin, why did you come so early?"

When Arvin saw Taylor coming, he didn't plan to talk to Angela, but instead looked at him, and said, "Grandma asked me to take this for Mrs. Fan."

One of his assistant took a box for Taylor.

Taylor looked at the box with pleasure, and said, "Thank you Dr. Arvin, and thank your grandma Mrs. Gu. If you don't mind, I would like to invite you for a dinner upstairs..."

"I'm actually busy, I have to leave now." Arvin ignored Taylor's invitation and quickly left.

Taylor knew that Arvin was the third son of the Gu clan in the Shine Empire. The Gu clan was famous for it's medicine skills, which had made Arvin famous, even though he had just entered the high society for a short time.

Also, he had inherited excellent medicinal skills from Mrs. Gu, and had already become a dark horse in the medicine industry.

Taylor didn't dare to stop him, and he showed Arvin out personally.

When Arvin passed by Angela, who was cleaning her dress and pouting her lips, he became a little angry.

But Angela didn't notice it.

After Arvin had already left for some time, lots of policemen came in.

The hall had quickly become silent, and both Clarissa and Sabina did not feel too great about it.

The chief of police came to Ethan, who was speaking to the others, saluted to him, and said, "Mr. Ethan, your daughter Clarissa and her friend Sabina are suspected for a malicious incident, and we are arresting them right now!"

Then the chief of police showed an arrest warrant to Ethan.

Everyone in the hotel was shocked by the news.

OMG! Someone dared to arrest Ethan's daughter, the director of the department of public security! Oh my god!

Ethan was angry, and he knew who had done this.

"I am the director of the department of public security! If my daughter is a suspect, how could I not know about it?" Ethan tried to threaten the policemen by way of his high position.

The chief of police smiled, and said, "Mr. Ethan, I am sorry. This letter was issued by a higher authority. Please forgive us for what we are about to do. Arrest Clarissa Yi and Sabina Fan!

ally insisted on bringing Michelle alone.

Considering that Sally was in good condition and doing fine, Ella accepted.

Janet told Sally, "Don't worry, I'll send you back safe and sound." Sally made Janet recall her hard time when she was also pregnant.

She offered Janet a mangosteen, and said, "Jane, your dress is so beautiful! It's even better than it looks in the photos!" Selina had posted photos on WeChat moment, and Sally had seen it.

Janet accepted the mangosteen and smiled. She replied, "I haven't even paid for the dress yet. Actually, I didn't even tell uncle about it; oh, he must be crazy by now!"

The dress was Eason's latest award winning work, and Janet had taken it away before he had even had the chance to enjoy his hard labour.

Sally smiled, and said, "Uncle loves you so much, he won't punish you, but he may scold you."

"Yes, I need to be nicer with uncle!" Janet planned to peel the fruit, but thinking of her white dress, she finally quit, fearing that she might stain it.

After a while, Daniel asked, "Sally, you're pregnant, and I think you should go home right away. It's late."

He didn't want anyone, not even his sister, to interrupt the happy time he spent with his wife and child.

Janet stared at Daniel, and answered, "No, Sally won't go home!"

"Yes, brother! I want to sleep with Jane and Michelle tonight!" said Sally.

Ignoring their answers, Daniel took out his cellphone, and called Jerry. "Where are you now?" he asked.

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