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   Chapter 294 Perhaps You Can Get a Wealthy Husband

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Angela and Selina looked at the family, who had an exaggerated view of their own abilities, in disdain.

They were all stupid, which could have been regarded as a family resemblance. It was really surprising how Ethan had gotten his current position.

"Who is Samuel Shao?" asked Clarissa unconvinced. She had heard of Angela Si, Chuck Si and Sven Si, but little about Samuel Shao.

Samuel had left the legal circles when Jerry had taken over the law firm in his place. He had then been busy with travelling with his wife, and they had been almost forgotten by the public.

Ethan had heard of the name Samuel Shao, but little about Samuel's true capability as a lawyer.

Although he had met Samuel once before, he had failed to learn more about him.

Angela and Selina chuckled when they heard Clarissa's question.

Angela raised her chin, and answered in a haughty tone, "How are you so ill informed about Samuel Shao when you've been in C Country for such a long time? Come on, I don't want to explain it to you, but you just have to remember that Janet is definitely not the person that you can afford to offend or mess around with!"

"That's just because she has Mr. Daniel's support, " said Clarissa resentfully. Clarissa was still not convinced. She rubbed her face, which was still a little painful, and thought to herself, 'I'm certain that I'll have my revenge on her.'

Despite her mother's dissuasion, Sabina came up to Clarissa, and said, "Everyone knows that Miss Angela has a good relationship with that Janet. Is this the reason why you're scaring my cousin?"

Sabina had gotten married abroad at an early age, and didn't know too much about the noble circles of C Country.

They believed that Janet relied only on Daniel or Angela's family. However, if someone had told them that she relied only on her own family, they would have never believed it.

Selina smiled gently, and said to Angela, "Stupid woman, it doesn't matter whether they know the Shao family or not. Janet is Daniel's woman, which is enough for her to do anything that she wants in C Country. Why are there always some people who can't realize this and want to make enemies with her?"

The irony in her words was obvious, and as the crowd began to gossip around them, Clarissa clearly hea

, and Angela felt relieved as he walked past her.

"Angela, Daniel is the only one that I love, and I'm loyal to him. What the hell did you mean with that!" Again, Clarissa stopped Angela. Angela was almost driven to the point of crazy by her.

She pulled Selina back, and walked towards the backdoor instead of the front door.

However, not long before, Clarissa caught up with them, and stepped on the end of her floor-length skirt. Angela screamed and fell forward.

Arvin's assistant, who was in front of her, felt that someone was rushing from behind at him, and quickly dodged away.

He tried to pull Arvin away from her too, but Angela's move was so fast that she rushed on Arvin's back before anyone could react.

"Ouch!" Instinctively, she wanted to hold onto the man's waist, but it didn't work. Instead, Angela ended up lying awkwardly on the floor, with her hands firmly grasping Arvin's trousers.

Time seemed to stand still at that moment, and Clarissa was too scared to do anything else. She hastily stepped back and let go of Angela's skirt.

If it wasn't for Arvin's good quality belt, his trousers would have been ripped off by the woman behind him.

Angela ignored Arvin completely, and Selina helped her stand up again.

"Clarissa, what the hell is wrong with you?" cried Angela. Angela was really angry now, and she rubbed her sore elbow and rushed to Clarissa. She wanted to teach her a well learned lesson on the spot!

She failed to see the darkened face of the man behind her.

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