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   Chapter 293 Contact My Legal Team

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When she heard his cold voice, Sabina shrugged her shoulders in fear, and said, "...they all say so and everyone knows that!"

Daniel put his arms around Janet's shoulders and looked at Sabina. He then coldly commanded, "Spark, contact my legal team."

After she heard him, Sabina completely changed the expression on her face.

In the legal team of the SL Group was not only Jerry, but also other lawyers that were top elites of their profession.

Standing behind Daniel, Spark had taken out his phone. Daniel added, "I can't let these two women get away with the crimes of defamation and malicious wounding!"

Clarissa screamed in despair, "I don't want that!"

Ethan gave Daniel a sharp stare, and asked, "Mr. Si, what do you mean by this?"

"What do I mean?" asked Daniel in reply. He smiled and looked at Janet, who was in his arms. He then continued to say to everyone present around them, "Janet is my woman, and none of you can bully her! No matter who you are, I'll never let neither one of you off so easily!"

His domineering statement made many women present there scream.

It had been merely a banquet, but now it looked like a rock concert, and a lot of people were calling out Daniel's name.

Since Daniel had announced in front of so many people that Janet was his woman, Janet thought that it would have been inappropriate if she didn't react to that. With a smile on her face, she wrapped her arms around Daniel's waist and started to rub her head against his chest.

Daniel smiled even more happily then, and in spite of all the people's astonished looks, he put his arm around Janet, and left together with her and his mother.

After they came out of the hotel, Lola patted Daniel on the shoulder with pride, and said, "Daniel, well done!"

Lola then sighed with emotion, and thought that her son had even excelled Harry. Before Daniel had taken over the SL Group, Harry had been the one that had managed it, and in that time, no one in the whole C Country had ever dared to offend Lola.

But now, when Harry had retired from his CEO position, some people had begun to look down on her. Surely, people were very realistic.

Luckily, the situation wasn't really that bad. Except for those who were truly foolish, no one had ever dared to offend Lola.

"Mother, I'll ask the driver to send you back. I'll take Jane away!" After he finished talking, Daniel helped Lola open the car door for her, and then Lola got inside.

When the car was just about to start, the car window was rolled down, and Lola seriously said to her son, "Daniel, try your best to tre

, said, "Janet Shao hurt me again! If I ever see her again, I'll rip her skin off of her!"

'She's just the daughter of a murderer, but why does she still feel proud about herself? She even managed to be Mr. Si's woman. She's so foolish and shameless!' thought Clarissa.

Sabina took a step forward, but Carol instantly pulled her back. She shook her head while looking at Sabina, and said, "Sabina, Clarissa is still angry now. You'd better leave her alone!"

Sabina had a bad temper, while Clarissa was just a spoiled rich girl.

If she walked up to Clarissa at that moment and didn't have a good talk with her, she might have been affected by Clarissa's mood.

However, Sabina didn't think so, and instead wanted to teach Janet a lesson by taking advantage of Clarissa's anger.

Ethan comforted Clarissa, and said, "I'm here to protect you, and you don't have to worry that Janet Shao will accuse you!" Last time Janet had thrown Clarissa into a dumpster, but Ethan hadn't taken any action to deal with this matter. But this time, Janet had dared to hit his daughter in public. Ethan thought that she was unruly!

"But Daniel..." Mrs. Yi was worried and while she looked at Ethan, she thought that since Daniel was such an influential person, it wasn't that easy to take action against him.

She didn't want Ethan to offend Daniel because of Janet!

At that moment, someone interrupted their conversation, and said, "Last time, when Clarissa had fought with Janet, Clarissa had only ended up in an embarrassed situation. Samuel, Janet's father, had let you off. But if Clarissa dares to offend Janet again, Janet's father won't accept anyone bullying his daughter, and will absolutely get back at Clarissa for it!"

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