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   Chapter 292 Clarissa Got Slapped

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Janet smiled, "Don't worry, Angela. There is no way that I believe her!"

She would rather believe that Daniel hooked up with Shirley than believe that Daniel had a dubious relationship with Sabina.

Lola turned to Mrs. Yi and said scornfully, "Mrs. Yi, if you have nothing important to discuss with my daughter, please excuse us. We are leaving."

It was a waste of time to argue with Mrs. Yi and her daughter.

"Mrs Si, my daughter was just telling the truth. How could you allow your son to marry the daughter of a murderer?" Mrs. Yi continued to provoke.

Lola was pissed off at this point. She pulled a long face and spoke with much hostility, "Who told you that Ella is a murderer? Do you even know what Janet's father and brother do? Watch your language, if you don't want to go to jail!"

"Auntie, don't bother arguing with them. If Daniel finds out about it, he will definitely dump this woman, " said Sabina. If she had known this earlier, she would have told Daniel!

By smearing her mother's name, it was obvious that Clarissa and Sabina were deliberately stirring things up to humiliate Janet.

"Clarissa, Sabina, you both really don't heed warnings!" Janet said as she glared at the two of them with a stern look.

Sabina crossed her arms over her chest and mocked, "I know both your father and brother are famous lawyers. But that doesn't mean anything!"

"Now that you are fully aware that my father and brother are outstanding lawyers, you both better watch out. If you continue slandering my mother, I promise you two will end up in jail!" said Janet. God knew how she wished she could file a lawsuit against Clarissa and Sabina and send them to jail right this instant.

Clarissa wasn't afraid at all. She continued to tease Janet, "How pathetic you are to be cheated by your man and best friend...

ar voice, Janet then turned around and bumped into Daniel's arms.

Janet looked up at the man, who was supposed to be abroad right this moment, "Daniel... When did you come back?

Seeing Daniel show up, Lola was relieved.

Daniel drew all the guests' attention. They all scrambled to greet him, but they also couldn't help keeping distance sensing Daniel's horrifying aura.

Ethan, Mrs Yi, Clarissa, and Sabina became anxious the moment they saw Daniel.

"I am back to claim my reward, " Daniel looked down at Janet and winked. All the guests were astonished.

They didn't expect that Mr. Si was capable of being this tender.

Daniel's words made Janet recall their phone call. She blushed and pouted, "You really are here, aren't you?"

"Of course, let me show you..." Daniel kissed Janet on her lips with abandon. All the guests gasped in perfect unison.

It was the first time that they had seen Mr. Si this soft and warm to someone.

Sabina clenched her fists. Envy drove her hysterical, "Daniel, her mother is a murderer!"

"Sabina, how dare you smear my woman?"

Daniel said as he glared at Sabina with a horrifyingly look that froze Sabina.

With Daniel's support, Ella's name was cleared.

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