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   Chapter 291 She is Way out of Your League

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Seeing the three beautiful girls at the entrance of the room, the bachelors of the party were captivated.

"Don't be silly! Do you see the woman in the royal blue dress? She is Lola Si, Harry Si's wife! She is way out of your league!" A man attempted to stop the other man who intended to approach the girls.

The other man replied, "Stop your nonsense. I am interested in the three young women in front of her. Okay?"

"The one on the left is the daughter of Chuck, Director of the Chengyang Private Hospital, the middle one is the younger sister of Jerry from the Samuel Law Firm, and the one on the right one is the daughter of Eason, an international fashion designer. None of them would even bat an eyelash toward you, " said the man contemptuously.

The people around him exclaimed with great admiration after learning about who the girls were.

"Is it true that Jerry's sister is romantically linked with Mr. Daniel Si?" One of the women asked the man.

"Yes. It is heard that she was his ex-fiancee. Her name is Janet, but she is not a simple lady. She was even pursued by a lieutenant colonel in C Country!"

"Ex-fiancee? So, who dumped who?" One of the women asked curiously. When she saw the woman in beautiful white dress, she had to admit that Janet absolutely deserved Daniel!

The man thought for a bit and said, "I don't know yet! There's so much gossip going around the elite; some of which are way too bizarre that we won't even know if they're true."

Another woman chimed in a low voice, "There is also one thing you guys don't know..."

"What is it?" asked the people in unison.

"The daughter of Mrs. Fan, Sabina, is the ex-girlfriend of Daniel!" Oh, ex-girlfriend and ex-fiancee! Tonight should be interesting.

"Wow!" So will Daniel come? I couldn't help but be excited!" One of the woman stared at the gate of the hotel, wondering what's going to happen next.

Another woman pursed her lips, "So you don't mind being a stepmother?" They say that Daniel has a daughter, but they no one knows who the mother of his daughter is."

"Of course. As long as I

"Shut up!" rebuked Janet angrily.

Clarissa again covered her mouth and winked at Sabina standing behind her.

Lola held Janet's hand and was about to leave, but Janet stood still. With her eyes glaring at Clarissa, she said, "Clarissa, I hope this is the last time that you slander my mother! If you dare do it again, you will pay for it!"

Her tone provoked Mrs. Yi, "Hey, you! Watch how you speak to my daughter!"

"What's up, Clarissa?" With a glass of champagne in her hand, Sabina walked up and stood beside Clarissa.

Since Lola was right beside them, Clarissa and Sabina dared not be too rude and rash. Clarissa smiled, "Nothing! Sabina, have you made up with Mr. Si yet? Just now, Mrs. Si introduced Janet as her daughter-in-law."

Sabina knew that Daniel would not come tonight, so she deliberately provoked Janet, "Not yet! But Daniel said he would consider it soon!"

Both Lola and Janet sneered. Before they said a word, Angela behind them said, "Jane, Daniel just called you an hour before, right?"

"Yes, he did. What's up, Angela?" Having no idea what Angela would say, Janet answered truthfully.

"Daniel called you to profess his love for you, while he was busy on a business trip. How could he have time to take notice of her? Daniel has his eyes on you alone." Angela stood beside Janet and looked at Sabina provocatively. Sabina's face turned a little pale.

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