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   Chapter 290 Why are You Wearing A Naive Smile on Your Face

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Selina roared, "Mom! Do you really think your daughter is that ugly?"

All of them burst into laughter. In reality, Selina was not ugly. She actually had inherited Eason Bo's good genes and looked pretty.

She was still a young, cute girl; she has yet to blossom into a refined, beautiful lady.

Janet chose more sets of night dresses for Selina. Then, she went on to do her own makeup.

Before she started applying her foundation, Janet took out her phone. Her WeChat app kept making sounds. She clicked on it, and saw that there were more than 99 messages in their WeChat Group.

She scrolled through the messages to find out what the fuss was about and saw Selina's photos of her.

Her face flushed red, especially when she saw Daniel's comment about it. It wrote, "That's my beautiful girl!"

The other people cheered and echoed his message. Some of them congratulated Daniel for snagging a beautiful woman, while some were asking for a wedding date.

Upon reading the messages, Janet's face turned hot and bright red. She immediately closed the phone and was about to put it aside, but the phone suddenly rang.

It was Daniel.

After she clearing her throat, she answered, "Hello, Mr. Si."

"Why are you dressed in such a beautiful dress while I can't see you?" She heard a disappointed man on the other side of the line.

'Was this supposed to be a compliment?' thought Janet.

She then mumbled in a low voice, "Well, you're on a business trip. It's not my fault."

Daniel got out of his car and chuckled, "Whose party are you going to attend?"

"I will be attending a birthday party of some lady. Mother* is taking me there, " replied Janet. But she forgot the lady's name.

After hearing her words, Daniel kept silent for a few seconds. He was trying to guess whose party she would be attending.

Then, he said, "If you don't have to stay long in the party, come back home earlier." Daniel said 'come back home', but not 'go back home'. But Janet didn't notice the subtle difference of the phrase he used. Instead, she focused on why she should leave the party earlier.

Looking at Mansion No. 9, Daniel explained, "We have to be cautious of Hobson, just in case he is plotting something bad in C Country."

Hobson had only been in jail for a couple of days, but he was bailed out by someone. Since then, he hadn't showed up and taken his rev

th you anymore. I need to finish my makeup. Bye!" Janet ended the call right away. Then, she rolled her eyes at Angela.

When she saw Janet had hung up the phone, Angela immediately sat back on her seat and said naughtily, "Okay, okay! Now do my makeup! Hurry!"


The three pairs of mothers and daughters finally finished dressing up and making up. They all got in the cars and went to the hotel at the same time.

As the three chatty, young girls squeezed inside the same car, the three mothers had no choice but to sit in another car.

Actually, Carol Yi initially wanted to invite Ella and Janet to attend her birthday party, but when Sabina saw their names, she immediately crossed them off the list.

Carol was not only the wife of Taylor Fan, a business tycoon, but she was also the younger sister of Ethan, the head of the Public Security Department. Because of this strong background, a lot of people were invited to her birthday party.

Sabina was wearing a black evening dress today. She followed her mother to greet every guest.

She had also sent an invitation card to Daniel, but his secretary said that Daniel was on a business trip abroad. Sabina was very disappointed, but she still hoped that he could somehow come.

Much to her dismay, Daniel wasn't there, but Janet was. Sabina really hated her guts.

What's worse was she instantly became the focus of the party.

Angela, Janet, and Selina appeared at the hotel's door, hand in hand. Behind them, three honorable, well-dressed ladies also went in the hotel. Their arrival caused a great stir.

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