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   Chapter 289 The Dress is Tailor-made for You

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Lola might be right about Daniel.

Janet had seen how Daniel closed deals with his business partners several times. He was decisive and confident. He knew exactly what he was doing.

"Okay, Mother*. I'll have a try for the twins' sake, " said Janet in a low voice. Janet was a bit abashed when she said that.

Lola was very pleased with what Janet had said, so she held Janet's hand and said, "That's right. Harry and I want you to be our daughter-in-law. We want nobody else but you. If Daniel ever hurts your feelings again, let us know, and we will punish him. You can count on us."


'They always support me. How could they do that to their son?" wondered Janet.

One of Lola's wealthy friends had a birthday party this evening. Lola was supposed to leave early for the party, but then she had a better idea. Janet could go with her.

"Jane, Carol Yi is hosting a birthday party this evening. Can you please come with me?" asked Lola.

This evening, she wanted to introduce Janet to everyone as her daughter-in-law.

Janet was about to turn her down, but Lola was looking at her with a pair of earnest eyes, so she wiped her mouth and replied, "Okay, Mother*."

Harry stopped them just after Janet agreed and said, "Lola, I don't think Jane should go to the party."

Carol was Sabina's mother, and Sabina was Daniel's ex-girlfriend. Wherever there were women, there was trouble.

Lola did not remember that Sabina was Carol's daughter, so she waved her hand at Harry and said, "Why shouldn't she? Don't worry about us. Mind your own business."

Lola and Harry were so protective toward Janet that even Sally felt a little jealous. She stared at Lola and said, "Mom, I am your own daughter! You always favored Janet. What about me? Ella treats me better than you do."

And Ella was only her mother-in-law.

Lola found Sally adorable, but she did not deny it. Instead, she pinched Sally's chubby cheek and said with a smile, "You're pregnant. You should stay at home and keep away from the crowd."

"Mom, " Sally protested. She then looked at Ella and said, "Ella, am I really her own daughter?" She needed comfort.

Ella giggled, while she ladled up a bowl of fish soup for Sally. "Don't feel upset. I'll treat you like my own daughter. If she won't bring you to the party this evening, I'll ta


Janet looked in the direction she pointed to. It was a white sleeveless dress. Even though it was high-necked, the area above the chest was hollowed-out, finished with a silk ribbon around the neck.

The dress was loose at the waist and tight around the hips, with several big, flowers adorning the waist down. It was quite simple, but its elegance was a definite classic.

Janet loved it at first sight.

The clerk helped Janet take the dress off the mannequin so that Janet could try it on.

Selina was waiting for Janet outside the fitting room, while holding a green dress. After a while, Janet came out. She looked so breathtaking that Selina stared at her without blinking.

"Jane, it seems like that dress is tailor-made for you, " said Selina. She then held her phone up and took several pictures of Janet.

Then, she sent the pictures in their group chat.

Janet had put her phone down when she got changed, so she had no idea what Selina did.

Daisy had the exact same look as Selina when she saw Janet in the dress. She suggested, "Jane, you should wear that tonight. It looks fantastic on you!"

Anna came over after she overheard what Daisy said. "It looks great on you, Jane, " said Anna. She then looked at Selina and said, "Selina, you should take the green one."

Selina checked out the green dress Anna pointed to and said, "Why? It's ugly." She was confused.

"You will be the green leaf. Green leaves bring out the beauty of flowers, and Jane is the beautiful flower, " said Anna with a mischievous smile.

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