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   Chapter 288 Low EQ

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"Of course I do! As soon as Caspar recovers, I'll come back!" She could ask Daniel to go back first.

On a second thought, this might not be a smart move, because the twins could be potentially exposed!

When he heard Caspar's name, Samuel seriously said, "When it will be convenient for him, please bring him over to our house. Your mother and I would like to have dinner with Caspar, because we owe him big."

"Sure, dad! He's coming to C Country to set up a new firm. You'll have plenty of opportunities to see him then!" Janet threw away the restless hand moving on her waist and moved herself more towards the left of the sofa.

"Alright. That will be all. See you later then, " said Samuel.

"Sure, dad. See you!"

As soon as she ended the call, Daniel leaned over and kissed her ruby lips. The following moment, he pressed her onto the sofa.

Why was he kissing her again?

Daniel warned her, and bluntly and jealously said, "Jane, you're not allowed to see Caspar without my permission!"

He was concerned that once Caspar was in C Country, Janet would hang out with him behind his back.

"Fine, fine, fine!" Janet quickly nodded her head. She knew his character pretty well, and she also knew that he would become very jealous if she even glanced for a second at Caspar while he was around.

Janet accepted his cellphone with an approving smile. He gazed at her fondly, and asked, "Would you like to hang around here all by yourself or should I keep you company?"

Janet was clever enough to read between his lines.

She quickly answered, "You go ahead with your work, I'll be just fine by myself!"

A big smile spread across Daniel's face. He kissed her lips again and then let her go.

The new cellphone had some amazing features on it, and Janet played with it in bed for a while; she even had a video chat with Melissa on it.

Daniel, on the other hand, was video conferencing with his company's executives. They were both focusing on their own business.

As long as they could sense each other's presence in the room, it didn't matter whether they were doing the same thing or not.

At Wangfeng Cliff

Inside the gloomy cave, a grey headed old man summoned several assassins and gave his command to them. He ordered, "You have to bring Janet to me, regardless of the cost!"

Daniel and Janet might just as well have been dead when they dared to touch his grandson!

One of the hitmen boldly said, "But she has Daniel beside her all the time, not to mention of the security guards..."

The old

initiative and get Daniel forever!"

Ella cast a glance at her silent daughter. They had a complicated relationship. They had been on and off for a while, and now that things were getting clearer, they seemed to be doing fine for the moment.

"Take the initiative? Forever?" Janet was shocked at her words. What did she mean by 'taking the initiative'? Was she hinting that she should propose to Daniel instead?

"Of course. Go ahead! We'll support you! As long as you need our help, we will help you unconditionally, always!" Lola was really keen on them getting to tie the knot, at least for the kids sake.

Harry supported his wife by agreeing with her, and said, "Yes, go ahead! Jane, we got your back!"


"I don't want to rush things! We just got back together!" Janet was now thinking on the possibility of proposing to Daniel first. Should she really take the initiative, for the sake of their kids at least?

Lola was really worried. She kept nagging her, and said, "Jane, Daniel really loves you, and you never have to doubt him about his love. He's just a little bit stubborn when it comes to love. I think he takes it after his dad, they both warm up slowly and have a low EQ..."

"Hey!" Harry fake coughed when he heard his wife slagging him. How could she say something like that in public?

However, Lola ignored him completely and continued persuading Janet, saying "My son is really good at his work. He has a high IQ of 200. However, his emotional quotient is really low. Please don't mind him being stubborn sometimes!"


Janet found it really hard not to burst out laughing. She wondered whether Lola was trying to compliment her son, or slag him.

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