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   Chapter 287 She Should Say Something Nice to Please Him

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With his arms folded across his chest, Croft raised his eyebrows, and asked, "You just thanked Uncle Boswell and Uncle Quiller, but why not me?"

In fact, he had been the most fervent against Janet at the earliest beginning, and believed that if a woman acted as the leader of the Tianye Men, many people wouldn't be satisfied with this, or obey her command.

Even if she was merely a nominal head, there were still some people who wouldn't accept a female leader.

Croft had been also the first to take his men and oppose Janet, from time to time.

Caspar had told him not to do that for many times, but he still didn't listen to him.

When Janet had been once kidnapped, he had personally witnessed that Janet was not only broad-minded and unflappable, but had also greatly considered the overall situation that she was in. Following that event, he had started to change his opinion of her.

Besides, she had always kept a low profile and also had the cute twins, and Croft gradually began to like her and her two daughters. He even took Janet's twins as his sworn daughters.

Of course! He had liked her just like a big brother, and treated her as a sister. He hadn't been as foolish as Caspar had been, because he would have never liked a woman who had already another man in her heart.

Croft's words amused Janet, and she naughtily replied, "Croft, no words can express my gratitude to your exceptional kindness! You must understand my gratitude!"

In the beginning, she could feel that Croft had disliked her and had been a little sad, but she quickly thought positive. She didn't care whether Croft liked her or not because, after all, he wasn't Daniel.

Afterwards, Croft had always helped Janet in his quiet way, and Sherry had also saved her life...

Everyone in the Tianye Men had given her a lot of help.

Croft patted her on the shoulder, and said, "Take good care of my sworn daughters!"

"I will!" replied Janet. She would not only take good care of her twins, but also try her best to stabilize the relationship between her and Daniel, and let Daniel know of the existence of his other daughter as early as possible.

Um... Maybe she would give him a surprise on his birthday. When she thought of this, Janet snickered...

After she formally gave the Tianye Men token back to Dillon, Janet felt more relieved. But even so, she decided to return to C Country when Caspar almost recovered from his injuries.

Before she headed to the hotel, Janet

ong time and had never even called him!

"She's sitting right next to me. I can ask her to talk with you now, if you like."

"Okay!" said Samuel.

Janet took the phone from Daniel, and in a gentle voice, said, "Father."

She was sure that Samuel had called just to scold her, and thought that she should say something nice to please him.

She was right! When he heard Janet talking to him like that, Samuel wasn't angry with her any longer. He began to complain, "Jane, why didn't you call me these last couple of days? Do you even know how worried I am about you?"

Janet had stayed in the Tianye Men of Z Country, and he was really worried about her safety.

"Father, I'm alright, Daniel is here to protect me. You don't have to worry." She smiled and looked at Daniel who was sitting on the sofa next to her. Daniel then held her in his arms and seemed to secretly listen to Samuel.

When he heard Janet's tone, Samuel guessed that she and Daniel had already made up. He then snorted, and deliberately said, "I'm afraid that you will run away from home again because of him."

Janet immediately promised him, "Father, I won't do such a silly thing anymore. Don't worry!"

In fact, she had indeed planned to go home with her children after she gave birth to them, but she had lost her memory during their delivery and her homecoming had unfortunately been delayed for two years...

"Okay, my dear daughter. When will you be coming back? Don't forget that you are a mother now. Don't you want to be close to your children?"

Melissa and Michelle always played at either the Si family, or the Shao family. They were indeed, very happy.

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