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   Chapter 286 Don't Blurt out to Him My Secret

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'You tantalizing woman! Brian dropped out, but there's still Caspar over here!' thought Daniel furiously.

What's more, he was determined that he had to make Janet return to her former arrogant and wayward self!

'Well...' Janet grinned an embarrassed smile to Caspar, and then she turned around and talked to Daniel in a low voice. "Please, drop it. Let me handle it by myself!"

Hearing her, Daniel's face completely darkened up.

Caspar also smiled to her, and said, "Janet, if you've really made up your mind, then please go and return the Tianye Men's token to my grandfather."

"Caspar, does that mean that you've agreed with me?" asked Janet. She cautiously looked at Caspar, afraid of his fury.

"Yes, Janet, I do. Please go back to C Country and wait for me there!" answered Caspar. 'If Daniel can open a company branch in Z Country just for Janet's sake, of course that I can open a company branch in C Country as well!' thought Caspar.

Caspar's words made Daniel discreetly frown his brows.

Caspar looked towards Daniel, and asked, "Mr. Si, didn't you say that you will compensate me in some way? I'm going to open a company branch in C Country. Will you support me?"

He couldn't find the support he needed. If he wanted to open a new branch of his company in another country, he first needed a strong partner with a sturdy background, to help him attain a firm position in the country's business circles.

Daniel noticed the cunning look in his eyes, and really wanted to ask him if he took him as a fool! Was it possible for him to help his rival pursue on his wife?

But Janet was excited, and before Daniel's answer, she replied, "Caspar, are you really going to open a branch in C Country? That's a splendid idea!"

As soon as she finished her words, her hand was gripped. When she turned around, she saw Daniel's unhappy look on his face. "I don't think it's a good idea!" yelled Daniel.

"I think it's a very good idea! I won't have to always fly between Z Country and C Country!" said Janet. Janet was still thinking on how she should best reward Caspar.

Then, before Daniel could say something, she clung to his arm, and said, "Daniel, you already have a firm established position in the C Country; why not give Caspar some support? You won't be losing anything! Last night you promised me that you will reward Caspar yourself, didn't you?"

'Reward! Reward!' Daniel now hated to hear this word. Whenever he heard it, he felt that he would go berserk.

But, after giving it a second thought, Daniel realized that he had no reason to be afraid of Caspar. If he really wanted to fight him for Janet, he could tr

roft. They were all wearing depressed looks on their faces.

After some quiet meditation on the matters spoken, Quiller said, "Janet, I hope that you can reconsider this. We won't be giving the Tianye Men's token to anyone, and if you return it and go away, you won't have a second chance to take it back anymore."

Although Janet was an adult, in their eyes she still was like a child.

In actuality, it didn't really matter much who had the first position in the Tianye Men ranking, because they had four leaders to take care of everything.

But they were convinced by Janet's ability and personality, and they thought that it was quite suitable for her to keep this position.

Janet grinned a slight smile and looked at the two elders. She said, "Uncle Quiller, Uncle Boswell, thank you for all the trust that you put in me, but I have my own family, my children, and Z Country just isn't the place for me. I hope that you can understand. And what's more, Caspar is the only descendant of the Qiao family, and he's a better choice than I am for the Tianye Men leadership. I suppose that you have already understood this by now."

After her words, they had to give up on their persuasion, and said, "Like grandpa said, it's all up to you, and we will respect your decision." Boswell blankly looked somewhere, indulging in his own thoughts. He wished that Janet could finally get away from all the affairs of the gangs in Z Country.

"Thank you, Uncle Quiller, Uncle Boswell. I will visit you with my daughters on every festival from now on!" said Janet. While she had lived with the Tianye Men during the past few years, they had all treated both her and her twins very well. She would always cherish their kindness in her mind, and never forget about them.

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