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   Chapter 285 It was Hobson's Grandpa

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Hobson took big steps and followed her. "Damned bitch! How dare you sucker punch me!"

Before she opened the door, Janet slightly pressed her finger on her ear stud, making something fly out of straight into Hobson's cheek.

She had expected to hit his body.

Hobson painfully screamed and immediately covered his face. Then, within the blink of an eye, he fell heavily onto the ground.

Since the Dongcui Mountain event, Daniel had made Sven come up with an ear stud gadget that had a poisoned needle in it.

It had been designed to protect her from Hobson, and now it had served its purpose.

Nobody outside knew what happened inside the villa. After she saw him on the ground, Janet then managed to crawl out through a window.

The mansion was located too far away from the city, and not to mention that there were many bodyguards nearby. She took out a special bracelet from her purse and put it on.

Although the bracelet had been carefully designed, it couldn't get her out of any situation, but for her emergency it was enough.

Before long, she was quickly discovered by the patrolling guards.

"I'm the guest that your boss invited over. What are you going to do to me?" She scolded the guards who were coming closer and closer to her.

The two guards looked at each other and then they tried to look in the living room through the window behind her.

Janet moved her wrist and the two guards instantly fell onto the ground.

Hearing the commotion, the other guards started to head towards her. Suddenly, a few cars parked near the villa and caught their attention instead.

Janet felt relieved to see them going the other way. Behind the house, past the fence, there was a huge jungle.

The fence prevented people from entering the property.

She's wasn't stupid to run into a dead end, and circled back to where she had originally started.

She heard gunshots, and the loud noise panicked her.

Was it Daniel?

She carefully sneaked along the wall, but there was no sign of Daniel anywhere.

At that moment, out of nowhere, she noticed that somebody was getting close to her from behind. A hand pressed over her mouth before she could let out a scream, but the familiar scent overwhelmed her, and she wrapped her arms around Daniel.

While she wrapped her hands tightly a

of the time.

Caspar feared nothing and looked straight into his eyes, and said, "But you aren't good to her."

Daniel felt hurt, but still maintained his poker face. "That's none of your business, and I will make it up to her in my own way."

Silence had fallen inside Caspar's ward, but then Janet walked in holding a prescription in her hand. She looked confused at the two silent men.

"What's been going on between you two?"

"We're good!" They both said this in the same time.

Janet twitched her lips for a moment and then left. She looked at the prescription, and said to Caspar, "You'll be able to get out of here only after the wounds start to scab, so please take good care of yourself."

Caspar caressed her face, and said, "Okay. Thank you Janet for caring after me these last days."

And at the same time, his hands were under a sharp, knife-like gaze.

Hum... Janet felt that there was something wrong, and she noticed Daniel's bad complexion while Caspar was talking to her.

What were they talking about, exactly?

"Janet, give your token of Tianye Men back to Caspar." Daniel grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his arms, and now there was quite a distance between her and Caspar.

Janet awkwardly glanced at Caspar, and asked, "Is it okay?"

This was what she had wanted however she was not sure whether Caspar was of the same opinion.

"Janet, you don't have to ask him about it, just do what you want." Daniel was really upset because of her attitude. Why on Earth did she have to ask him for?

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